Technically, the studies in the Global Management (incl. CEMS) programme are broken into Programme studies 84 ECTS credits, Specialisation area studies 24 ECTS credits and Additional programme studies 12 ECTS credits, as described under Programme studies. However, for all practical purposes, it is logical to approach the studies as two blocks: ‘Specialisation area studies’ (24 ECTS of course work, Master’s thesis and the thesis seminar) and CEMS MIM studies.  The academic requirements of the CEMS MIM programme, 66 ECTS, are fully integrated in the GM/CEMS MSc programme.

Please see the recommended study timetable for Global Management.

Students entering the Global Management/CEMS programme are automatically granted a slot in the CEMS MIM cohort of the second year in their MSc studies, i.e. students starting in GM in 2018 will be in their MIM year in the academic year 2019-2020. The first MSc year is thus designated for Specialisation area studies. It is not possible to change this order, nor can a student choose to postpone their MIM year. There is some flexibility in the timing of the specialisation area studies, but in order to also graduate from CEMS MIM, the majority of the CEMS studies must be completed during the specified MIM year, following the regulations set by the global CEMS organization. Please don’t hesitate to contact Liisa or Arja at the CEMS office, should you have any questions about the timing of the studies.

You can familiarize yourself with the CEMS MIM programme elements and graduation requirements on the website, under curriculum.

In order to graduate from the CEMS MIM programme, students must also complete an international internship and fulfill the language proficiency requirements, in addition to finishing their MSc degree in Global Management.