Programme director

Professor Niina Nurmi

Programme coordination and industry relations

IDBM programme coordination and support, IDBM major-specific study counselling, industry relations, IDBM Programme Committee

Office hoursContact information

Anna-Mari Saari

IDBM Programme Manager

By appointment 

Aalto Väre R201

Study counselling

Specialisation area specific study councelling

NameProgrammeOffice hoursContact information
Naoko NakagawaIDBM ARTSBy appointment

tel. +358 50 3613 928

Aalto Väre R201

Reserve a time

Anna-Mari SaariIDBM BIZ

By appointment 

tel. +358 40 353 8333

Väre R201

Minna MarinIDBM CHEMBy
Jenni TulensaloIDBM ELECBy appointment

tel: +358 50 599 2438

TUAS Building, Maarintie 8, room 1147

Katri KoistinenIDBM ENGBy
Anu KuuselaIDBM SCIBy

 General contact information for School of Arts, Design and Architecture Students

ARTS Student Services


+358 50 342 9758 (Mon-Fri 9 - 15) closed for summer 19.6.-2.8.

Email: (primarily for students) (primarily for faculty and external customers)

Postal address:

Learning Services
Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture
P.O. BOX 31000 (room M311)
00076 AALTO

Street address

Learning Services Lounge M311, Väre, Otaniementie 14 (Tue-Thu 9-15. closed until furher notice due to Corona Virus pandemic)

Otakaari 1 (Undergraduate centre, Bachelor's Programmes)

The Student Services of School of Art, Design and Architecture does not have their own, specialised student service desk. Most cases can be handled via email, phone or by appointment. You are welcome to visit our meeting point LES Lounge (Väre 3rd floor room M311).

Starting Point - student services office

The Student Services offers general guidance to students, regarding e.g.

  • general guidance to start getting help on any issues
  • enrollment
  • study rights
  • certificate of attendance (official electronic certificate  can be downloaded in WebOodi)
  • transcripts of records (official electronic certificate  can be downloaded in WebOodi)

Reach us via email on these matters:

  • non-degree studies
  • degree certificates
  • studies in other Aalto School or other universities
  • international students can also contact the office with questions regarding immigration or other practical issues

Aalto ARTS Learning Services

The departments have planning officers and study coordinators in charge of advising students with study related matters. If you have general questions regarding the studies, you can turn to the staff of the programme or major.

Note: Email addresses are in the form firstname.lastname[a] (for letters such as ä or ö, use a and o instead)

Check the meeting point for reserved meetings from the coordinator. Most meetings for Master's students are held in room M311 at Väre and Otakaari 1 A-wing, room A110 for Bachelor students.

Joint School Learning Services

Manager of Learning ServicesIiris Kauppila+358 50 598 7650

Student Services Team Leader, JOO studies, Internal Mobility, Non-degree Studies

Tuuli Asunmaa+358 50 470 8580 Reserve a time

Teaching Services Team Leader, Planning Officer

Curriculum Design
Sari Tarvainen+358 50 502 7718

External Customers' Services, Team Leader, Planning Officer

Anna-Kaisa Antinoja

+358 50 4672734

Student Services, Study Affairs SecretaryKirsti Niemensivu+358 50 544 1490
Centre for General Studies

Tuula Jääskeläinen

Sanna Väisänen

+358 50 911 0381 Reserve a time

+358 50 562 5776 Reserve a time


Language studies


Pulmu Föhr-Siltavuori+358 50 599 7932

International services, Incoming exchange students

Suvi Lähteenmäki

+358 50 4630210 Reserve a time

Outgoing exchange studiesJohanna Virta

+358 50 358 0886 Reserve a time

International education projects, Staff exchange, Internships abroad and in Finland, internship support

Hanna Karkku+358 50 562 7709
Specialist, pedagogyTiina Pylkkönen+358 50 520 1033
Doctoral ProgrammeTiina Kotti

Learning ICT, Oodi, Sisu; Tuition fee related issues, Planning Officer

Jaakko Kölhi+358 50 596 8806 Reserve a time

Aalto ARTS degree programme's contact information

Department of Architecture

Architecture (BA)Eino Paananen

+358 50 505 9070 Reserve a time

Architecture (MA)

Creative Sustainability in Architecture

Sanna Tekonen+358 50 595 0406
Landscape ArchitectureNiina Tikkanen+358 50 5138 480 Reserve a time
Urban Studies and PlanningTuula Jääskeläinen+358 50 911 0381 Reserve a time
Interior ArchitectureHanna Nyemba+358 50 514 2889

Department of Art

Art EducationViivi Poutiainen

+358 50 3077 267 Reserve a time

Visual Culture and Contemporary Art (ViCCA)

Nordic Visual Studies Art Education (NoVA)

Anne Rautanen+358 50 441 3033 Reserve a time

Department of Design

Product and Spatial Design and Contemporary DesignMervi Palva+358 50 5138180 Reserve a time

Collaborative and Industrial Design
Co-operation and coordination with Shanghai D&I

Study coordinator for CoID Tongji-students

Meri Arnala

+358 50 308 5778  Reserve a time

Creative Sustainability

International Design Business Management

Study coordinator for CS and IDBM Tongji-students

Master of European Design (MEDes)

Naoko Nakagawa

+358 50 361 3928 Reserve a time

Fashion,Clothing and Textile Design (MA)Heidi Tukiainen

+358 50 464 1102

Design, Fashion (BA)

Kristiina Tengvall

+358 50 352 4709 Reserve a time

Department of Film, Television and Scenography

Film and Television (majors in BA level)

University Wide Art Studies

Sanna Väisänen

+358 50 562 5776 Reserve a time

Film and Television (MA)

Ilona Virtanen

+358 50 315 2150 Reserve a time

Costume Design, Production Design and ScenographySanna Lumikko
+358 50 4333 865  Reserve a time
Animation (MA)

Mari Rummukainen

+358 50 441 4038

Department of Media

Visual Communication Design (BA)Nina Sjölund+358 50 380 6541 Reserve a time

Visual Communication Design (MA)

Mari Rummukainen

+358 50 441 4038

PhotographyJaakko Kölhi+358 50 596 8806 Reserve a time
New MediaMeri Karjalainen

+358 50 446 0040  Reserve a time

 General contact information for School of Business Students

HelpDesk is closed until further notice. Please contact us by email or phone.

General contact information

General inquiries:
Student service telephone
:+358 29 442 9280
Service hours: Mon-Thu from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. & Fri from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Starting Point

Visiting address: Undergraduate centre, Otakaari 1, room Y199a, Otaniemi campus. Find us on the map.
Opening hours: Mon-Wed 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thu-Fri 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Starting Point takes care of e.g.

  • enrolment
  • student status certificates
  • official transcripts of records (you can order an official digitally-signed transcript of records from WebOodi)

Starting Point is an approachable service where you can ask about anything; we’ll direct you to the right place.

In any matters regarding your right to study and studies, for instance, advice on studies and graduation as well as any applications related to studies (e.g. for extensions to the right to study, readmission), your primary contact point is the HelpDesk of School of Business (please see contacts below).

School of Business HelpDesk

Visiting address: Ekonominaukio 1, room Y115.
Service hours: Mon -Thu from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.
Tel+358 40 353 8107, +358 40 353 8103

At HelpDesk you can get advice on practical questions concerning your studies, such as registering for the academic year, transcripts of records and certificates of attendance. Please note that you can order an official digitally-signed transcript of records from WebOodi.

Personnel at the Learning Services

Last and first name

Areas of responsibility

Contact information

Leikola Riikka

Coordination of curriculum / teaching planning, team leader
Ekonominaukio 1, room Y115.

Teemu Järvi

HelpDesk services, examinations, study register 
Ekonominaukio 1, room Y115.
040 353 8107

Sarviharju MarjukkaMaster's
Ekonominaukio 1, room Y115.
040 353 8104
Ylhävuori SusannaBSc diplomas, study right extensions, non-degree study rights
Ekonominaukio 1, room Y115.
040 353 8103

Hirvensalo Jenni

Bachelor's level admissions, student counselling for 1st year B.Sc. students
Ekonominaukio 1, room Y115.
040 353 8105

Lahti Pia

Coordination and development of degrees/programs
Presenting official of academic affairs in the school’s expert bodies
Ekonominaukio 1, room Y115.
050 512 4204

Kuisma PetraGeneral student counselling for B.Sc. students, personal study plans in Sisu
Ekonominaukio 1, room Y115.

Schultz Annika

Master's admissions, double degree admissions
Ekonominaukio 1, room Y115.

Nurmi TanjaGraduation / MSc diplomas, Dean's list & Ilkka Kontula grants
Ekonominaukio 1, room Y115.
040 353 8108

Hämäläinen ElliURHEA, individual study arrangements
Ekonominaukio 1, room Y115.
040 353 8141

Planning officers of the departments and programmes

Programme specific study counselling and personal study plans (PSP or eHOPS)

Last and first name

Department / Programme

Office hour

Contact information

Yrjänäinen Elina


Thu 12-14.00 Until 3rd of October,

after that

Tue 12:00-14:00 
040 353 8110
Ekonominaukio 1, room Y115.

Book a time for a meeting here

Perret Marie


Even week Thu 12:00-14:00
040 353 8111
Ekonominaukio 1, room Y115.

Book a time for a meeting here

Haarala Johanna

Management studies

Tue 14.00-16:00
050 366 7355
Ekonominaukio 1, room Y115.

Book a time for a meeting here

Kuparinen Anna

Business Law

Tue 14:00-16:00
050 376 5328
Ekonominaukio 1, room Y115.

Book a time for a meeting here

Penttinen Tatiana


Wed 14:00-16:00 
040 353 8401
Ekonominaukio 1, room Y115.

Book a time for a meeting here

Hämäläinen ElliInformation and Service Management

Tue 12-14.00 Until 1st of October, after that

Thu 12:00-14:00
040 353 8141
Ekonominaukio 1, room Y115.

Book a time for a meeting here

Söderholm Berit

Management studies/
Corporate Communication, Creative Sustainability
Entrepreneurship &
Innovation Management, Management & International Business, Strategy

Thu 14.00-16:00
040 353 8199
Ekonominaukio 1, room Y115.

Book a time for a meeting here

Saari Anna-Mari


By appointment
040 353 3833
Väre, room R201.

Halminen Kati
050 5342 204
Ekonominaukio 1, room Y115.

International Affairs / Student Exchange Services

Opening hours

  • Monday 12.00 - 14.00
  • Wednesday 12.00 - 14.00 

For other times, please make an appointment. Address: Ekonominaukio 1, room Y115.

Last and first namePhoneEmailRoom

Huovinen-Kiuru Sanna

040 353 8370

Ekonominaukio 1, Y115

Outgoing exchange students

Krigsholm Sanna

040 353 8116

Ekonominaukio 1, Y115

Outgoing exchange students

Pekkanen Minna040 353 8171incoming-biz@aalto.fiEkonominaukio 1, Y115

Incoming exchange students

Kurtbay Saila040 353 8170saila.kurtbay@aalto.fiEkonominaukio 1, Y115

Head of International Affairs

International collaboration and agreements

Learning Services for Doctoral Candidates

See Business, Economics and Finance

Aalto University School of Business main building and address

Postal address
Aalto University
School of Business
P.O. Box 21210
FI-00076 AALTO

Visiting address
Ekonominaukio 1
02150 Espoo

 General contact information for School of Chemical Engineering Students

Student Service Desk

  • Visiting address: Building of Chemical Engineering, Kemistintie 1, room C208, ESPOO/Otaniemi
  • Postal address: P.O.Box 16100, 00076 AALTO, FINLAND
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: +358 50 362 3017
  • The shared e-mail address of the student service desks of all the six schools of Aalto University:

At the Student Service Desk

  • you can enroll for the academic year
  • you can obtain a certificate of student status and an official transcript of records
  • you can make changes to your name and address in the student register
  • we take care of issues related to the registration of students and their rights to study, including waiving rights to study
  • you can collect your degree certificate

Opening hours                                           Exceptions to normal opening hours:

Mon 9–11 and 12–14                          The Service Desk is closed until further notice.  
Tue closed                                          Personnel is working remotely.
Wed 911 and 121                                                         
Thu 911 and 1214                           
Fri 911                                                     


Study Affairs Secretary Pirjo Häkkinentel. +358 50 362 3017
Study Affairs Secretary Juha Oksatel. +358 50 449 1591

Study advisors

Study advisors' pop-up clinic is located in the main lobby (Kemistintie 1).

Lab pass pickup:

In period III, you can collect the lab safety pass:

  • Friday 15.1. at 11-13
  • Friday 22.1. at 13-15
  • Friday 29.1. at 11-13

Please note, if you have any questions regarding your studies, please contact our study advisors by email, on Telegram, or on Teams. 

ProgrammeNameEmailTelegramReception hoursNB
CHEM Master's programmesMinerva Huovarimsc-advisors-chem(at)

Student exchangeJenni Vannaskv-neuvoja-chem(at)

Student Mobility

Any questions regarding exchange studies please contact by email: international-chem(at)
or study advisor for exchange studies: kv-neuvoja-chem(at)

Kaisa Pulliainen

All destinations,

Asia for all tech students

Tel. +358 50 511 2079

firstname.lastnam(at) or

Reception by appointment

Street address:
Kemistintie 1, 02150 Espoo
room D310

Mailing address:
PL 16100,
00076 AALTO

Heidi Flinkman

Erasmus- and Nordic countries
tel. +358 505768585
firstname.lastname(at) or 

Reception by appointment

Street address:
Kemistintie 1, 02150 Espoo
room D310

Mailing address:
PL 16100,
00076 AALTO

 General contact information for School of Electrical Engineering Students

Contact information

Student Service Desk: Room 1151, Maarintie 8,

Tel: study secretary: 050 305 1020 and 050 439 9053, student study advisors: 050 568 8242

Telegram: @opintoneuvojat

WhatsApp: 050 568 8242

Postal address

Visiting address

Phone numbers


Aalto University

School of Electrical Engineering
P.O. Box 15500 
00076 AALTO

Maarintie 8, Espoo

Learning Services (LES)

050 305 1020

050 439 9053

Aalto University
(09) 47001

 General contact information for School of Engineering Students

At the Student Service Desk
  • you can get student certificates and transcripts of records are issued (you can get an official digitally-signed transcript of records via WebOodi).
  • you may enroll for the academic year (primarily through WebOodi, please see instructions)
  • you can make changes to your name and address in the student register (primary address can also be changed using WebOodi)
  • registration of students and issues related to study rights, inc. non-degree students, are handled
  • you can register to graduation ceremony or pick up your degree certificate after graduation

Visiting address: Otakaari 4, K1 building, room 102, ESPOO/Otaniemi

Postal address: Learning Services, P.O.Box 14100, 00076 AALTO, Finland
Telephone: +358 50 347 8230

Aalto University's shared helpdesk:

Open on Tuesdays and Thursdays 12 noon  2 p.m. (also upon agreement)

Because of coronavirus situation our student service desk is closed until further notice. 

You can reach us via email and phone.

Mail for Learning Services can be dropped at the mail box outside of the glass doors of the Learning Services hallway in Otakaari 4.

Please, give feedback to improve the Student Service Desk:

Starting Point

Please note also that Aalto University’s joint Starting Point will serve you in Otakaari 1, Undergraduate Centre, room Y199. 
See opening hours.

  • Certificates of student status and attendance
  • Official transcript of records (you can also get an official digitally-signed transcript of records via WebOodi)
  • Annual enrolment for the academic year (primarily done online via WebOodi)
  • Changes of name and address for the student register

 General contact information for School of Science Students

Student Services

Visiting address: Computer Science Building, Konemiehentie 2, 02150 Espoo

Postal address: PO Box 15400, 00076 Aalto, Finland

Email: General, recommended e-mail address to contact: Please send your message from your account. This directs the email to the correct school, and your issue can be dealt with promptly. Personal email addresses are in the format