MSc and MA degree studies in International Design Business Management consist of the following study modules: Major studies, Specialisation/ Minor studies, Thesis and Electives studies. The extent and content of modules varies between different fields and tracks, kindly check more details as per your targeted degree.

In addition to the goals stated in Government Decree on University Degrees (794/2004) 7 § the aim of the Master of Science and Master of Arts degrees in International Design Business Management is to provide students with

  • deep overall knowledge of the area of the specialised master’s degree programme, and very good knowledge of the specialisation/ minor subject or corresponding study entities included in the degree;
  • the knowledge and skills required in challenging managerial positions or positions demanding a high level of expertise, or as entrepreneur;
  • the ability to independently produce and apply knowledge in their own field , and preparedness for demanding international postgraduate programmes;
  • the ability to address ethics, sustainability, and international context; and
  • excellent communication and team working skills.