Graduation in short

  • When you have completed all requisite studies for your master’s degree, apply for graduation by submitting the form 110 in eAge: 110 Request for degree certificate.
  • You can apply for graduation at the same time as you apply for your master’s thesis approval. See dates and more information on submitting your master’s thesis at
  • All the requisite studies must have been completed and registered in Oodi before submitting a request for degree certificate. Exceptions to this are:
      • master’s thesis – you can submit your thesis for evaluation at the same time as submitting the request for degree certificate. The date of approval of the thesis will be the deadline for submitting the applications, although the approval of the thesis will not be processed by the Degree Programme Committee until after the deadline for submitting theses and applications
      • press release (maturity essay) and thesis presentation – the last possible date to complete these is the deadline for submitting theses and applications.
  • The dean awards degrees approximately once a month.
  • The deadline for submitting the degree certificate request is the official date of graduation, which will be printed on the degree certificate (see schedule below).
  • Fill out the survey for new graduates in Technology: Survey for New Graduates in Technology 2020.

Grouping of courses

Grouping your courses means that your studies are checked and the courses are grouped into major, elective and/or minor studies. The courses are grouped according to your study plan (HOPS-2). When you request graduation by submitting the form 110 in eAge, check the box “I have asked for grouping of courses”. The Student Services will check your studies and contact you by email if needed.

Graduation schedule

Autumn 2019

Deadline for application (form 110)Awarding of master's degree (graduation date)
Degree certificate readyGraduation ceremony
31.12.201931.12.2019 (degree registered 24.1.2020)10.2.202015.4.2020, 4 pm, TUAS Buiding

Year 2020

Deadline for application (form 110) and graduation dateDegree registeredDegree certificate readyGraduation ceremony
27.1.2020 (only for those who have already had their master’s thesis approved and registered in Oodi)17.2.20202.3.202015.4.2020, 4 pm, TUAS Buiding
24.2.202023.3.20206.4.202015.4.2020, 4 pm, TUAS Buiding
30.3.2020 (only for those who have already had their master’s thesis approved and registered in Oodi)20.4.20204.5.202010.6.2020 , 4 pm, hall A (Otakaari 1)
27.4.202025.5.20208.6.202010.6.2020 , 4 pm, hall A (Otakaari 1)
25.5.202022.6.20206.7.202022.9.2020, 4 pm, TUAS Building
29.6.2020 (only for those who have already had their master’s thesis approved and registered in Oodi)7.7.202017.8.202022.9.2020, 4 pm, TUAS Building
31.7.202024.8.20207.9.202022.9.2020, 4 pm, TUAS Building
31.8.2020 (only for those who have already had their master’s thesis approved and registered in Oodi)21.9.20205.10.20203.12.2020, 4 pm, TUAS Building
28.9.202026.10.20209.11.20203.12.2020, 4 pm, TUAS Building
26.10.2020 (only for those who have already had their master’s thesis approved and registered in Oodi)16.11.202030.11.20203.12.2020, 4 pm, TUAS Building
23.11.202021.12.2020January 2021Spring 2021
31.12.20202021February 2021Spring 2021

Receiving your degree certificate

There are three options for receiving your master’s degree certificate:

  • you can receive it in the graduation ceremony you have signed up for
  • you can collect it from the Student Services of your master’s programme or major
  • it can be mailed to you by registered mail.

You can choose the way of receiving your certificate through a link that will be emailed to you once the dean has awarded the degree. Through the same link you can also sign up for the graduation ceremony.

If you choose to collect your degree certificate from the Student Services of your master’s programme or major, note that it will take some time before your final degree certificate is ready. Please see the table above for the schedule. When collecting your certificate, you must prove your identity, so please ensure that you have your ID with you.

You can also authorise another person to collect your degree certificate or allow the Student Services to mail the certificate to someone else. Please use power of attorney for both purposes.

Graduation ceremony

Remember to sign up for the graduation ceremony you wish to attend. Signing up for the ceremony is done through a link that will be emailed to you after the dean has awarded the degrees. Graduates may invite up to three guests to the ceremony. The ceremony lasts for about two hours and contains speeches and music. Refreshments are available afterwards. For more information, please see instructions and information about the ceremony (pdf).

Graduating with honours

Students who, in their master’s degree studies, have shown excellent knowledge of the field as well as exceptional maturity and sense of judgment in their thesis, may have this recognised in their degree certificate with the phrase 'Pass with Honours'. A degree may be awarded with honours if both of the conditions below are fulfilled:

  • The weighted average grade of the courses included in the degree (excluding the thesis) is at least 4.0. Courses graded with pass/fail are not considered when the average grade is calculated.
  • The grade for the master’s thesis is at least 4.

After graduation

Study right at Aalto University, validity of your student card and reimbursement of the AYY membership fee

If you graduate in the beginning of a term and you are able to change your enrolment status from attendance to non-attendance before the enrolment period ends, you can apply for a membership fee refund from the Student Union.Those who graduate later during the autumn term can apply for a refund on the following term’s membership fee, i.e. for the spring term.

Your study right at Aalto University ends on your graduation date. Because the digital student card Frank App deploys a real-time system in verifying your student status, you cannot continue using the Frank App after you have graduated. If you have a plastic student card, it is valid until the end of your AYY membership period. However, note that if you have a plastic student card and you apply for reimbursement of the membership fee, you must visit your School’s Student Service point with your student card. The Student Service point will record the change and remove the academic year tag on your student card. Further information

IT service and security points to remember when graduating

  • When your right to study ends, remove all the software that the university has provided for home use, unless otherwise stated in the license agreement of the software.
  • Return all borrowed study material and equipment.
  • Return all keys and access badges.
  • The right to access Aalto University IT services will remain valid for four months after your graduation, after which it will be removed. The validity period of the access rights may be extended beyond four months only for exceptional reasons.
  • Remember to make a copy of the files in your university-provided home directory (network drive) and cloud services (e.g. Google Drive) for yourself, as the files in your home directory will be removed once your access rights expire.
  • Any messages sent to a closed Aalto e-mail account will not be delivered. If you have used your Aalto University e-mail address to create user accounts for other services (e.g. Apple ID or Dropbox), please remember to replace the Aalto address with your personal e-mail address in those services.

Please note that you may be bound by a confidentiality obligation even after your graduation, if you have, for instance, gained access to secret information while in a position of trust at the university.

Career monitoring surveys

National career monitoring survey is conducted by Career Services of Finnish Universities. The target group in Master's survey is alumni who graduated five years ago and in Doctoral survey alumni who graduated three years.

Please take time to respond when you get the survey after graduation, your response is highly appreciated! It will provide current information from the working life that can be utilized in the development of teaching and research. Additionally, students who are still deciding on their studies and job opportunities value the information gained from the career paths of graduates.

For more information:

A survey conducted by Aalto University School of Science and the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland (TEK) is an opportunity for new graduates to comment on the aspects of studying and employment. All responses are confidential, and it is not possible to connect any response with an individual respondent. In addition to providing information on the employment and salaries of recent graduates, your feedback is crucial for the survey sponsors in assessing and improving higher education functions.

Link to the survey:

Keep connected with Aalto and your network

Joining the exclusive network of graduates and students will be automatic after graduation if you have accepted the alumni network membership in WebOodi (WebOodi>User information>Conditions for giving out student information).

In Aalto Alumni Circle ( you may update your contact information in the alumni database and keep contact with your former study mates and current students. In addition, you may activate a new email address and inbox.

More information: ( or