This site contains the student study guide for the master’s programme with materials and instructions on all the majors available in the programme. Here you will find the programme curriculum as well as detailed guidelines for planning your studies.

The Master’s Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) combines engineering with economic and human fundamentals to create value and efficiency. Unique in its multidisciplinary and integrative essence, IEM studies explore the foundations of business and engineering processes and inspire an engineering mindset to develop business. The distinctive focus of the programme is to educate graduates with knowledge, skills and will to create and transform technology-based businesses in new or established firms.

IEM professionalism is an integrated skill set consisting of mathematical, technological, economic, and social competences that focuses on proactive problem solving in value creating processes. In essence, the ethos of IEM studies emphasizes a systemic, solution oriented engineering mindset. Emphasis is on capability to solve the right problems right, i.e. identify needs, define problems accordingly, and solve them effectively. Building on these foundations, the program develops strong competencies for the creation and transformation of technology-based business combining strategic, operations, and people perspectives.


  1. Compete in the Venture Cup NORDTEK – a Nordic/Baltic Tech Battle 2018! The Venture Cup NORDTEK 2018 is a joint collaboration between NORDTEK and Venture Cup Denmark, supported by Venture Cup Väst and Chalmers University. The competition... 16.10.2018 15:30
  2. Aalto research information systems, good scientific conduct and open science 23.10.2018 A 1,5-hour lecture for doctoral candidates. The lecturer is Antti Rousi The lecture provides young researchers and doctoral candidates with understanding of the research information systems at Aalto, recommendations... 16.10.2018 11:00
  3. Kutsu innovaatiokilpailuun Business Finland ja Helsingin kaupunki järjestävät kaikille avoimen innovaatiokilpailun Helsingin tukkutorin ja Teurastamon alueesta. Kilpailussa etsitään uusia elintarvikkeisiin ja niiden tuotantoon, pakkauksiin... 15.10.2018 16:27
  4. SCI Awards 2018 - Call for nominations open until Nov 16th SCI Awards celebrates the great work and achievements of our faculty, staff and students annually. As of 2018 the proposal form will be open continuously, so you can propose nominees throughout the year and the... 15.10.2018 14:50
  5. HeiaHea digital wellbeing service available for students! Aalto Wellbeing Week 2018 offers Aalto University’s personnel and students HeiaHeia digital wellbeing service for 6 months!   HeiaHeia is engaging and social wellbeing service created by leading wellbeing experts... 14.10.2018 16:37
  6. Språkstudier från grunderna i period II Vid Aalto-universitetets språkcenter kan du inleda studier i flera olika språk även mitt i läsåret. I period II (anmälan 1.10-22.10.2018) erbjuds grundkurser (nivå 0, d.v.s. inga tidigare studier krävs) i spanska, franska och tyska... 11.10.2018 14:04
  7. Beginning language studies in period II You can take up a language in the middle of the academic year at Aalto, as the Language Centre offers several basic-level language courses during period II. These include Spanish, French and German, which are offered at the ‘0 level’... 10.10.2018 16:15
  8. Intossa käyttökatko - Serviceavbrott i Into - Maintenance break on Into 11.10. Intossa käyttökatko torstaina 11.10 klo 17 Käyttökatko kestää 10-15 minuuttia. Katkon aikana Into ei ole käytettävissä. Serviceavbrott i Into torsdag 11.10. kl. 17 Avbrottet beräknas pågå i 10-15 minuter.  Into kan inte användas under denna tid... 10.10.2018 13:01
  9. llmastonmuutoksen erikoiskurssi II-periodissa - Course on Climate Change in period II llmastonmuutoksen erikoiskurssi II-periodissa Mitkä ovat ilmastonmuutoksen tieteelliset taustat? Miten ilmastonmuutos vaikuttaa yhteiskuntaamme ja elämäämme tulevaisuudessa? Voimmeko vielä tehdä jotain? Kenen on vastuu toimia? ILMASTO... 10.10.2018 10:01
  10. New learning tool testing among Aalto University students in October In School of Engineering we are currently developing new tool to support learning. In Dynamic Feedback System a student can see all his or her studies, including courses and topics on the courses. The student... 09.10.2018 15:03