Department of Information and Service Management



Information and Service Management refers to creative use of information and technology in business management and economic analysis. Information and Service Economy concerns

  • Different business functions and their interdependence
  • Logistics: sourcing, production and distribution of goods and services
  • Competitiveness and globalization
  • Skills to manage and analyze the rapidly growing supply of information
  • Management information systems and associated business processes and services
  • Business and information networks
  • Decision analysis for managerial decision making
  • Customer relations management
  • Technology management and intellectual property rights

Educational programs for bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in the fields prepare graduates to work on diverse managerial and expert-level tasks of commerce, industry and services in private and public sectors. Such assignments may be, for instance, in the fields of logistics, managerial economics, finance, marketing or IT.

The Department of Information and Service Management consists of the following subjects

  • Information Systems Science
  • Logistics
  • Management Science
  • Quantitative Methods of Economics
  • Technology Management and Policy