Information Technology Program (ITP) minor

Do you want to be a part of an Aalto flagship program and complete your minor studies over the summer?

28th May – 31st August, 2018


For over 20 years the Information Technology Program (ITP) has been bringing together technology, design and business talent and fostering successful project teams.



You will be joining a community of ITP alumni and professionals from all industries and areas of business in Finland. ITP is a great opportunity for you to network with your fellow students and industry professionals. ITP gives you tools and confidence to lead in tomorrow’s digital world. We are open to all students from Finnish universities and Aalto partner universities globally.

Take this summer as a chance to enhance your employability in the graduate labour market and make the most of building your unique skillset. ITP is a mosaic of students from different cultural and educational backgrounds. At the heart of ITP is co-operation beyond boundaries. We believe in equal opportunities and aim to build an inspirational learning atmosphere where everyone has the opportunity to excel.


The purpose of ITP is to provide students with a strong applied understanding of IT, design and the digital world. The program provides concepts and approaches that enable students with diverse backgrounds to operate effectively in the global business environment now and in the future. Students gain valuable real life project experience in business project course. 


In the summer 2018 we offer three simultaneous tracks:

  • Information & Service Business (ISB)
  • Strategy & Experience Design (SED)
  • Digital & Interactive Entertainment (DIE)



Information & Service Business (ISB) 24 ECTS


Information & Service Business (ISB) track is designed to provide students with a clear understanding of ICT consulting and business models, new digital business opportunities and the information ecosystem. The courses and business projects students are working on during the summer are focusing on the current ICT trends, big data, IoT, data driven decision making, mobile business, disrupting technologies and usability.


47C58200 Managing Software and Service Business 6 ECTS
47C52000 Achieving Strategic Advantage Through Distributed Technologies 6 ECTS
47C58600 Data-Driven Decision Making 6 ECTS
47C48000 Business Project 6 ECTS


Strategy & Experience Design (SED) 24 ECTS


Strategy & Experience Design (SED) track is designed to provide students with a clear understanding of basic methods for producing and designing digital media products and services, concept and design processes, and strategic decision making related to digital media. The courses and business projects conducted during the summer are focusing on strategic design processes, user experience design and visual prototyping in digital services.


47C58300 Strategic Design 6 ECTS
47C58400 User Experience Design 6 ECTS
47C58500 Prototyping and Implementation 6 ECTS
47C48000 Business Project 6 ECTS


Digital & Interactive Entertainment (DIE) 24 ECTS


Digital & Interactive Entertainment (DIE) track aims at providing students with a clear understanding of basic methods, techniques and tools for managing digital marketing strategies. This concentration area focuses on digital marketing platforms, content marketing, digitalization, monetization business models, hands-on-work using a variety of digital marketing and analytics tools and strategic decision making related to digital marketing strategies.


47C59000 Digital Strategies 6 ECTS

47C59300 Platforms and Ecosystems 6 ECTS

47C59200 Web and Mobile Analytics 6 ECTS

47C48000 Business Project 6 ECTS


All tracks are worth 24 ECTS and are recognized as a minor subject in the M.Sc. program at the School of Business. ITP studies can be extended to 30 credits with extra work (47C58100 ITP Book Exam 6 ECTS) and is recognized as a minor subject in the B.Sc. program at School of Business.

Individual modules of the program are taught by visiting faculty. Visitors from other universities and from the business community are invited to for a short period in the field of their particular expertise.


All courses are run in the form of intensive modules. A normal one semester university course is compressed to three weeks of full time study.

Each course includes 42 contact hours (3,5 hours a day, four days a week) excluding group work and individual assignments. In addition to theoretical studies all students complete a business project for cooperating companies under the program’s supervision.


The working language is English. It is essential that students understand spoken and written English with ease, and can express their thoughts clearly in English.


ITP is open to all students enrolled in Finnish universities under the JOO agreement and to students from Aalto partner universities.


The first application period for ITP 2018 is open until January 31st. The second application period for ITP 2018 is open in March 8–28. Instructions and link to application form can be found at


For further information please contact Project Manager Heini-Maari Kemppainen at or call +358 50 5772755.