Master's Thesis and Graduation


General information about the Master’s Thesis and Thesis Seminar

When and how to start?

It is advisable to start the process in good time, either in the spring of the first year or at the latest in the autumn of the second year of master’s studies.

The thesis seminar is designed to help the students to prepare their thesis work. The seminar consists of meetings, completing the thesis, presenting the research topic to the seminar group and acting as an opponent for a fellow student’s thesis. The seminar lasts usually the whole semester, and it is organized during both autumn and spring semesters.

Register for seminar groups via WebOodi (course code: 57E99905 Master’s Thesis Seminar). The instructors and their fields of expertise are presented at the introductory lectures and more information is available on MyCourses.

Please note that you can enroll and start attending the Master's Thesis Seminar already 3-6 months before you start to write your Master's Thesis in order to gain the required participation.

Do I need to find the supervisor by myself?

The supervisor is often, but not always, the same as the seminar group advisor.
Discuss with supervisors based on your topic and their interest/speciallty.

Approval of the research topic

The research topic is approved by the thesis supervisor.

You do not need to have a topic when you enrol in the seminar, but you would need to decide on this during the first two months of the seminar, as otherwise it is impossible to perform the thesis work meaningfully.

List of completed MSc Thesis works

ISM / Master's Thesis 2013-2014

From 2017 onwards information abstracts of the Master’s theses will be published in the electronic archive of the library ( You can also find old theses on the eThesis-portal ( If the student has given his/her permission for the electronic publication of his/her Master’s thesis, the whole thesis will be available to the public online.

Thesis seminar conduct

6 cr from the seminar

The thesis seminar consists of obligatory introductory lectures, a research plan, and thesis presentations. Each student needs to be present in the lectures and 15 presentations and has to present his/her plan and final thesis and oppose one thesis.

The seminar is graded (normal grades 1-5) and is graded based on:

Plan (40 %)

Essay on methods of the thesis (40 %)

Course activity including thesis opposition (10%)

Final presentation (10 %)


Thesis presentation

The final presentation can be reserved when most of findings and conclusions are written. The presenter should have the thesis ready for the opponent one week before the presentation.

The final presentation is 20 minutes with 10 minutes reserved for opponent's response.

These items should be present in the final presentation:

  • Intro and motivation
  • Research question
  • Research method
  • Empirical work
  • Findings and summary

Finishing the thesis and Maturity test

Return the first version of your thesis to your instructor for comments. The instructor gives his/her comments and a preliminary estimation on the grade. You should discuss the grade (why this grade, will you do some changes etc.). If needed, you should make the necessary corrections to the thesis.

Once you consider the thesis is ready, get permission from your instructor to hand in your thesis for evaluation. After this submit your thesis and maturity test to MyCourses and follow the instruction there.

After completing the Master's Thesis the student has to write a maturity test (essay) in order to demonstrate their familiarity with the subject of the thesis and proficiency in Finnish or Swedish language. If a student has demonstrated their Finnish or Swedish proficiency in the Bachelor’s degree, it is not required again for the Master’s degree. In this case the maturity test will be evaluated only based on the content. However, the maturity test is still always written in Finnish or Swedish, unless the student has been exempted to write the test in some other language.

Maturity test is submitted at the same time as the thesis on MyCourses.

More information here: Writing and handing in the thesis

And in Finnish here: Tutkielman tekeminen ja palauttaminen

How to order a diploma?

More information on how to order a diploma etc. can be found on the Into graduation pages.

Diploma Order Form etc. for Finnish speaking students can be found from the page Kauppatieteen maisteriksi