Advanced Studies 90 ECTS

The advanced studies consists of compulsory studies (10 ECTS), alternative competence area studies (40 ECTS), thematic cross-disciplinary studies (10 ECTS) and master’s thesis (30 ECTS). The particular contents are to be agreed upon in the making of a Personal Study Plan.

CodeNameECTS credits
Compulsory studies10
SARK-E5003Personal Project5


Choose at least one methodology course (5 cr)
ARK-E1508Introduction to Architectural Research5
ARK-E5512Pre-Thesis Seminar5
Alternative studies40

The student chooses four (4) courses from the competence area offerings.

Courses have to be taken from both competence areas (at least one course from the other comptence are).

Furniture Design
SARK-E5000Furniture: Material, Structure and Shape10
SARK-E5001Furniture: From Structure to Product and Production10
SARK-E5016Woodstudio: Design Project10
SARK-E5002Furniture: Form and Function10
Spatial Design
SARK-E5004Neglected Space10
SARK-E5005Space in Practice10
SARK-E5006Identity of Space10
SARK-E5018Researching Space10
Thematic Cross-disciplinary Courses10
The student selects freely two (2) courses from the thematic cross-disciplinary courses.
SARK-E5019Street Furniture5
SARK-E5020Exhibition Design5
SARK-E5021Introduction to Lighting Design5
SARK-E5022Service Design for Interior Architects5