Thesis Submission

Thesis PresentationApplication deadlineGraduation dateGraduation Ceremony

Wed 16.10.

Wed 13.11.

Mon. 2.12.

Tue. 31.12.2019

Fri 31.1.2020 !

Wed 6.11.

Wed 4.12.

Thurs. 2.1.

Fri. 31.1.2020

Fri 31.1.2020

Wed 10.2.2020Tue 10.3.2020Tue 30.3.2020Tue 30.3.2020Wed 10.6.2020 Graduation Party*

Wed 1.4.2020

Wed 29.4.2020

Mon 27.4.2020

Mon 27.4.2020

Wed 10.6.2020 Graduation Party*

Mon 11.5.2020

Mon 8.6.2020


Fri. 31.7.2020

Fri. 31.7.2020

Mon 31.8.2020

All studies meant to be part of the degree must be registered when the degree certificate request is submitted. 31.12.2019 onwards the request has to be submitted at the graduation day at the latest and the degree certificate will be ready approx. 4 weeks after the gradution day. By default the degree certificates will be handed out in the graduation ceremonies and only for justified reason the degree certificate can be distributed with different schedule.

* Degree certificates will be handed out in the next possible graduation ceremony.

Before starting to write your thesis, read the Master's Thesis Guide (in Finnish here) for students and familiarize yourself with copyright issues.

 Maturity test guidelines and form

In an MA degree the abstract of the thesis work serves as maturity test. If a student has had her school education in a language other than Finnish or Swedish, only the content of the abstract will be evaluated (not the language).

Maturity test form

 Submitting the thesis for evaluation

NOTE! When your thesis is ready, confirm from your supervisor/advisor that you can hande it for evaluation.

Checklist for submitting the thesis

  • Add an abstract to your thesis. It is recommended to use the thesis abstract form (above)
  • Submit a PDF/A version of your thesis to the database (instructions below)
  • NOTE! If you have submitted your thesis for evaluation between 1 August 2019 and 31 December 2019 you can apply for compensation for thesis printing costs for the three required copies to the school (the three printed copies are no longer required after 1 January 2020). Maximum amount of compensation is 150 €. The compensation can be applied for after the thesis has been submitted for evaluation. The compensation will be granted only once per student. The student needs to verify the costs by handing in the receipt of the printing costs.
 How to create a PDF/A file

According to Finnish archiving practices, the file should be saved in PDF/A format. PDF/A is an ISO-standardized version of the Portable Document Format (PDF) specialized for the digital preservation of electronic documents. PDF/A differs from PDF by omitting features ill-suited to long-term archiving. Library recommends ISO-standardized versions PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b & PDF/A-2.

Instructions on how to convert files to PDF/A -format using the different tools

  • Microsoft Word 2010: File » Save As ---> Save as type = PDF ---> Options ---> Choose: ISO 19005-1-compliant (PDF/A)
  • PDF-XChange 4.0: Print ---> PDF-XChange 4.0 ---> Properties ---> General ---> Choose: PDF/A-1b (RGB)
  • Open Office 3.2 Writer: File ---> Export as PDF ---> Choose: PDF/A-1a

Convert the PDF file so that it is suitable for web publishing. The recommended size for the pdf/a document is under 20 Mb and for Theses including a lot of images under 100 Mb. If your document is over 100 Mb, you should resize it before saving, because readers may experience problems with opening large documents over the web. The maximum limit for documents is 500 Mb.

It is the student's responsibility to check that the PDF/A file has been correctly converted and that it is identical to the submitted thesis copies.

Naming the PDF file

You should name the file without Scandinavian letters (e.g. ä and ö) and special characters to the following format: school'sabbreviation_publishingyear_lastname_firstname.pdf, (e.g. arts_2013_meikalainen_matti.pdf).

Technical support:

  • IT Servicedesk ( is responsible for all PDF/A-conversion related issues

  • eAGE-helpdesk ( helps if something went wrong with your eAge-submission

  • Aaltodoc-help ( helps if something needs to be added or corrected in your thesis that is already in Aaltodoc

 Electronical archieving of the thesis work
  • Convert your thesis to PDF/A form. The work is archived as one document (including the abstract and  possible other attachments).
  • If you wish, you can save the cover page as a separate file (png image file format).
  • Login to eAge with Aalto user name.
  • NOTE: the information you will be asked after logging in:

    YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION (also student number)

    STUDY INFORMATION (the degree that you are aiming at)


    Supervisor's firstname and lastname

    Advisor's firstname and lastname, degree, employer and concact information (phone, email)

    Information if the the thesis was done on commission for a company or other external party


    6-12 most important words or terms that describe the content of your thesis
    Assigning subject headings to your thesis

  • Fill in the form in the Thesis information sheet and click Save.
  • Add the PDF file of your thesis to the Thesis sheet.
  • You can add the image file of the cover page on the sheet Thesis cover. The cover picture will be shown in the Aaltodoc publication archive together with the metadata of your thesis.
  • Submit your thesis by clicking Submit in the Case details sheet

Technical support:

  • IT Servicedesk ( is responsible for all PDF/A-conversion related issues

  • eAGE-helpdesk ( helps if something went wrong with your eAge-submission

  • Aaltodoc-help ( helps if something needs to be added or corrected in your thesis that is already in Aaltodoc

 Thesis data in the Aaltodoc publication archive

The theses and the metadata of all theses will be archived in the Aaltodoc publication archive. The term metadata refers to the data that describes your thesis for example the title of thesis, the language, keywords and the advisor of thesis. When submitting the thesis in eAge you can give permission to publish the whole-text and/or the abstract through the Aaltodoc publication archive.

The thesis publishing date can be postponed by a maximum of one (1) year. Hence, students don’t have to publish the thesis immediately if they wish to postpone publishing for reasons related to other publications, patent applications or corporate secrets, for example. However, please note that the thesis is still a public document and it will be displayed publically. The public copy can be seen in the Learning Centre customer computers or sent via email by request.

If you do not grant permission for publishing, the archived PDF file will be available for anyone by request but it is not published online. The Learning Centre is obliged to send the digital version to anyone who wants to read the thesis.

If you have any questions related to thesis submission or saving, please contact your study coordinator or Learning Services.

If you have any comments regarding the data of your thesis, or you wish to make corrections, please send an email to

Technical support:

  • IT Servicedesk ( is responsible for all PDF/A-conversion related issues

  • eAGE-helpdesk ( helps if something went wrong with your eAge-submission

  • Aaltodoc-help ( helps if something needs to be added or corrected in your thesis that is already in Aaltodoc

Graduation and Graduation Ceremony

Submitting the request for degree certificate

The degree certificate must be requested through the electronic eAge system. The request sent via eAge will be directed to the Learning Services of the School. When submitting the electronic request, all the courses have to be registered in Oodi.

1. Check the completed courses and your personal study plan (HOPS) in advance. The degree certificate will be produced based on the information in the approved and valid personal study plan. If needed, please update your study plan and send it for approval before ordering your diploma.

2. Fill in a survey for graduating student

 Graduating Bachelor's: fill in the Finnish Bachelor Survey

All Finnish universities undertake the Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey (Kandipalaute). The survey examines the students’ satisfaction with their university and studying experience. The survey can be found in the Kandipalaute-website.

 Graduating Master's students: fill in the graduation survey

The graduating students take part in a graduation survey. Please answer the survey before requesting graduation, after having submitted your thesis. The results of the survey are used to develop teaching and student services.

The graduation survey questionnaire 2020

3. Fill in the electronic request for degree certificate

Remember to submit the application after saving it: go to the Case Details tab to submit the application. Students are notified both by email and through eAge when the application has been approved. Graduation day will be the next possible graduation day after the submission of the request (31.12.2019 onwards The deadline for submitting the degree certificate request is the official date of graduation and the degree certificates will be produced after that day). In unclear instances the graduation day might be postponed.

Request for Degree Certificate (ARTS)

 Graduation Dates

The Graduation Days

The degree certificates are distributed to students in the graduation ceremonies. If unable to attend the graduation ceremony, the students can also pick up their certificates from the Learning Services of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Väre building, Otaniementie 14, Espoo). You will be notified personally via email when your degree certificate can be collected.

NB! Degree certificates will not be posted in Helsinki region.

Academic year 2019-2020 (NOTE! Exceptions to the organization of graduation ceremonies and certificate delivery schedules due to the Corona situation)

The degree certificates are distributed to students in the next possible graduation ceremonies after the graduation day. From spring term 2020 onwards, the graduation day is also the deadline for degree certificate request and the degree certificates will be ready 4 weeks later. Degree certificates are by default distributed in the graduation ceremonies. Only with justified causes the degree certificate can be given outside the set schedule, and in that case no earlier than 4 weeks after the graduation day.

Request for degree certificate submitted at the latest /Graduation dayGraduation ceremony
27.1.202031.3.2020 (CANCELLED)
24.2.202031.3.2020 (CANCELLED)
30.3.202010.6.2020 Graduation ceremony & Aalto Graduation Party (CANCELLED)
27.4.202010.6.2020 Graduation ceremony & Aalto Graduation Party (CANCELLED)

Schedule for the delivery of certificates during the Corona situation

The information on the certificate delivery schedules will be updated immediately after a unanimous decision has been made at Aalto University.

 Graduation Ceremony (Todistustenjakotilaisuus)

Graduation Ceremony

You will receive a separate email invitation about one week prior to the event if you have sign up for the Ceremony in eAge.

Graduation ceremony is a celebration where the graduating students who have signed up for the ceremony in advance receive their degree certificates.

A graduating student may invite two guests to the graduation ceremony. The dress code is smart casual, considering the prestigious nature of the celebration.

There are reserved seats for the graduates in the front rows. The graduates are asked to arrive 15 minutes before the ceremony begins.

Alumni network

 Joining the Alumni network

You are able to join Aalto University's alumni network right after your graduation. If you have accepted the alumni network membership in WebOodi (WebOodi > User Information > Conditions for giving out Student Information) you will be automatically part of Alumni network but you need to update your email information and activate your alumni profile in

For further information please contact