Description of the programme

Information based services are seen by the European Union as the primary growth area of advanced economies. The Master’s degree programme in Information and Service Management (ISM) is perfectly positioned to train future information workers that are able to develop and manage these services. The interdisciplinary nature and emphasis on data analysis and project management provides students with skills of analysing the ever-growing supply of information and new technologies and managing electronic business operations. The content and focus of the programme differs according to its three elective areas of specialization: Business Analytics, Information Systems Science and Supply Chain Management.

The focus of Business Analytics is on managing and analysing the rapidly growing volume and variety of data available, to be utilized for business, technology and competitive intelligence. Managerial themes of the resulting data-driven decision-making include consumer analyses in traditional and digital markets, risk control (e.g. financial risk management), and effective utilisation of new technologies for developing and launching new products and services. The aim is to solve practical business problems by effectively utilizing modern managerial tools ranging from quantitative models, and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to various techniques for analysing big, open, and company-owned data.

The focus of Information Systems Science is on managing and developing business processes using information systems and networks. Topics include strategic management of information and communications technology (ICT), digital services and ICT enabled platforms as well as software business and their strategic applications. The aim is efficient management of information resources and the skillful implementation of information systems applying technology which best supports the particular business needs.

The focus of Supply Chain Management is on providing students with the capabilities to manage and develop companies’ production, distribution, supply, purchasing and service operations. Topics include supply chain management in various operating environments, service development and operations, inventory management models and policies, quality management and different business models. This focus area prepares students for the challenges of the network economy and gives the ability to control and design complex logistics chains and to apply project management skills to various environments.

Employment opportunities

The programme allows students to choose between more consulting and management oriented or more quantitative and analytically oriented concentrations and combine studies from the different areas. According to recent Forbes study on employability of graduates the information systems, statistics and math majors are most sought after and the new data-driven market makes math skills, particularly statistics, very important. The quantitative data analysis skills are one of the growth areas in the next few years. Our graduates typically find jobs very easily, and for example information systems majors have some of the highest starting salaries of all business majors according to both Finnish and international studies.

Here you can find the degree requirements of the programme, and the necessary information about completing the degree and its contents. These pages are mainly aimed at the students of the programme. If you are thinking about applying to the programme please see How to apply.

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