Code: BIZ214

Credits: 84-90 ECTS 

Programme Director: Professor Matti Rossi

Learning goals

Students in the Master’s programme in Information and Service Management learn:

  • data analysis, business intelligence, ability to use and develop it in organizations;
  • quantitative and data driven marketing;
  • analysis and development of business models for digital and service business;
  • leading people and projects;
  • services development and analysis; and
  • design research.

Core programme studies 84-90 cr

Compulsory studies 51 cr

Code (link to Sisu)Name (link to MyCourses)CreditsPeriod
Choose at least one Capstone-course *)





Capstone: Business Intelligence 1)

Capstone: Future-proofing Supply Chains

Capstone: Data Science for Business II

Capstone: Project Management and Consulting Practice

6 cr

6 cr

6 cr

6 cr





ISM.thesMaster’s Thesis30 cr
ISM-E5001Master's Thesis Seminar3 crI-II, III-V
BIZ.matrMaturity Test0 cr

Choose 2 courses from the following **):


Business Analytics 2 2)

6 cr



Information Economy

6 cr


35E03000Sustainable Supply Chains 3)6 crI

*) If you want to do another Capstone course it can be included in the programme's elective studies

**) The remaining course can be included in the programme's elective studies

1) Replaces course 37E00550 Business Intelligence. Students may include only one of these in their degree: 37E00550 Business Intelligence (no longer offered) or 57E00550 Capstone: Business Intelligence. 

2) Replaces course 30E02000 Business Decisions 2

3) Students who have started their studies before 1.8.2020 and have completed course 35E00750 Logistic Systems and Analytics or TU-E2000 Aalto introduction to services, can include this course as a core course instead of 35E03000 Sustainable Supply Chains

Elective studies 33-39 cr

You may choose one of the specializations or mix them freely. 

Business Analytics

1) Replaces course 30E00800 Time Series Analysis. Only one of these two courses can be completed.

2) Replaces course 27E02000 Models in Marketing. Only one of these two courses can be completed.

Information Systems Science

Supply Chain Management

1) Replaces course 35C00200 Purchasing and Supply Chain Management/ 35C00250 Hankintojen johtaminen. Only one of these three can be completed.

2) Replaces course 35E00500 Quality Leadership. Only one of these courses can be completed.

Common electives for all specializations

In addition to the specialization courses, you can choose courses from this section freely.

1) Suitability for ISM programme elective is determined on a case-by-case basis and must be approved before the project begins. General requirements: the project must be conducted in English. Please see course description on Sisu for more information.