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 Accounts and passwords

Every student of Aalto University gets an Aalto account with a password, and an aalto.fi email address. The username and a password are for your private use only; Aalto username and password must not be used in non-Aalto services. Passwords expire after 180 days from each password change. If you forget to change your password before it expires your account and email will be temporarily disabled. By accepting your Aalto-account you have to agree to comply with the University policies and guidelines.

To change your Aalto password:

If you remember your password:

  • on an Aalto Windows: press ctrl+alt+del after login -> change password
  • on an Aalto Mac workstation: System preferences -> Accounts -> Change Password
  • on an Aalto Linux workstation: use command kpasswd
  • using a remote connection (SSH, e.g. using PuTTY) to a general purpose server (kosh.aalto.fi): use command kpasswd
  • Webmail: https://mail.aalto.fi/ (Settings, Options, General, My Account, Change Password )

If you do not have an account, or you have forgotten your password or your password has expired:

  • by visiting https://password.aalto.fi/, using either your Finnish Internet bank, or your electronic ID card as identification
  • at the IT Service Desk, where you have to prove your identity with an official ID — a passport, Finnish ID card or Finnish driver's license

What happens to your account after you graduate?

Your account will be disabled automatically 4 months after graduation. Please make sure you backup all your data before that happens.

For more detailed information on accounts and changing the password, please visit

Accounts and passwords



Collaboration tools enable collaboration and data sharing within groups, as well as publishing data to internet. All the services mentioned below can be accessed with Aalto username and password.


  • Aalto Wiki is Aalto University’s web service for collaboration and data sharing
  • It’s possible to restrict read and write permissions by a single user or a group
  • People without Aalto University’s account can use the service with Haka-authentication or with separate accounts

OneDrive for Business (O365)

  • OneDrive for Business is part of the Microsoft Office 365 cloud service platform
  • It enables saving files and editing them on different devices, via a web browser or Office programs
  • It is possible to sync files to any device for offline availability
  • Sharing files for viewing or editing with others inside and outside Aalto University is easy
  • Editing Office documents directly in browser and simultaneously with others

Google Drive

  • Google Drive is one of Google Apps cloud services
  • Any file or folder may be shared between users both within Aalto and outside Aalto
  • Works with different devices, but no offline support is available


Comparison of collaboration tools

Feature/Servicewiki.aalto.fiOneDrive for BusinessGoogle Apps
Document Mgmt

Collaborative Writing

Social Networking


Discussion Forum   
Keywords, Hashtags

Internal Data

Confidential Data
Data Sharing Outside Aalto



CostsFreeFree under O365 licenseFree under Google agreement
Service ProviderAalto ITSMicrosoftGoogle
SizeModerate No limit
Max.file size  5 TB
 Email and calendar

Microsoft Exchange email and calendar

Aalto University provides an email address and a personal calendar to every student. The email address is usually in the form firstname.lastname@aalto.fi. The Exchange service also allows you to store task lists and contacts.

Outlook Web Access (OWA)

To access your email and calendar via web browser, go to https://mail.aalto.fi

Email on smartphones and tablets

The easiest way to get email working on your portable device is to add the Aalto Exchange account to it. This will automatically setup secure email and calendar synchronization.

Email applications on computers

There are are a wide range of email applications available for PCs and Macs. Check Inside for instructions: Email and Calendar pages from Inside: Email and calendar

Email in IT classrooms

On classroom computers, Microsoft Outlook is automatically configured to use your Aalto E-Mail account.

 eLearning and Student Information Systems


Oodi is a service where students can make their term enrollments and register to courses. In addition, Oodi allows students to familiarise themselves with the degree requirements and future teaching offered and to prepare their personal study plans, (HOPS).

  • Official course descriptions
  • Registration for exams, courses, teaching, etc.
  • Term enrollment
  • Official transcript of studies
  • Ordering an unofficial transcript for studies
  • Personal study plan (HOPS)



MyCourses online learning environment contains news, announcements and notifications from all enrolled courses in addition to private files and a personal study calendar.

  • Course workspaces, news and personal homepage
  • Course info, schedules, materials and course information
  • Learning materials, excercises, student submissions, grading and feedback
  • Exam results



Study Guides


A modern learning environment for some programming courses. Here you can find both Aalto and MOOC materials for courses of Python, Scratch, ScratchJr and Racket.



Older learning environment for programmers.


 IT classrooms

There are plenty of IT classrooms available for students on every campus. Aalto University has Windows, Mac and Linux workstations with up-to-date software.


Wireless network

Three free wireless networks are available for all Aalto users on campuses in Arabia, Otaniemi, Töölö and Mikkeli. We take WLAN seriously and so do our users: with a daily peak of 7000 concurrent connections, WLAN is the most used service on campus.

eduroam (SSID: eduroam)
  • Secure WLAN roaming access service used by thousands of locations around the globe
  • Very useful when visiting other universities
  • Some internal Aalto services are available through eduroam
  • We strongly recommend using eduroam!
  • Login username is always your Aalto email address! e.g. first.last@aalto.fi
    • Username in this format works in every location, even Sweden
aalto (SSID: aalto)
  • Secure WLAN network for those that don't want to hassle with eduroam setup.
  • Login username is always your Aalto email address! e.g. first.last@aalto.fi
    • Aalto laptops (for staff) connect automatically to this network
aalto open (SSID: aalto open)
  • Unsecure wireless network aimed for guests
  • Not recommended for Aalto users, because the data transmission is not secure!

Check "Wireless networks" for further info.

Wired network

  • All classroom computers have wired 1 Gbit/s access to the internet
  • Some study rooms and auditoriums may also have wired network that is available for personal computers

VPN (Virtual Private Network) service

  • Secure access to Aalto network through Internet from personal devices
  • Useful when Aalto network resources are needed when off campus or when using an unsecure public network
  • Learn more here: VPN
 Information security

Aalto IT security team and our services

IT policies and guidelines and their development

  • IT security team participates in the development of the university's operations, makes definitions concerning IT security and produces policies, guidelines and training for various groups of people at the university. Please see the link above for shortcut to all policies and quidelines.

Security scanning and auditing

  • IT security team performs scheduled and on request security scans of Aalto networks and services. Scanning requests can be sent to security@aalto.fi by the admin and/or owner of the target system. We will contact you then for the details and schedule.
  • IT security's main task is to support Aalto University's work by ensuring reliable and secure environment for the university's and its stakeholders' data. The objective is to protect data and information systems against avoidable threats and keep disturbances and damages caused by deviations at an accepted level. To accomplish this occasional and select security audits are conducted. Help is also provided to units reaching for KATAKRI approval.

IT security and specialist services of data and privacy protection

  • IT security team provides specialist assist for Aalto staff, groups and units in questions concerning IT security and privacy. You may submit your questions to security@aalto.fi. We also suggest you follow our email notifications and participate in trainings too.

Administration of IT security incidents and CSIRT work (Computer Security and Incident Response Team)

  • IT security team monitors and controls security condition and handles security deviations at the university. A dedicated Aalto CSIRT team is the main workforce if and when security incidents occur. If you suspect something odd has happened in your environment, do not hesitate to contact Aalto CSIRT via security@aalto.fi.