Service break in Aalto IT services on Sat-Sun 16-17 September 2017

IT Services will update centralized file services during the weekend 16-17 September 2017. Service break will start on Saturday, 16 September at 9 am and will end on Sunday, 17 September at 6 pm at the latest. We will do other servers’ maintenance work during the service break, too.

Many IT services (MyCourses, ACRIS,, home & work file services etc.) are unavailable during the break, you cannot log in to desktop workstations. Mail service will work during the break. You can follow work status on:

If this service break will cause you problems, please contact

Aalto IT (in English)

  1. Current affairs
    1. News 2017
      1. Aalto Open will support IPv6!
      2. Aalto software license catalogue published
      3. Aalto University’s AV environment modernizes
      4. Aalto Wiki maintenance work
      5. Aalto Wiki version update on Wednesday, September 27th, 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
      6. ACRIS service unavailable 2 October 2017 between 5-8 pm
      7. Autodesk software update in June
      8. Electronic Examinations at Aalto making progress
      9. Experience Aalto's hot new Course Catalogue
      10. Git Version Control for Aalto Now Available
      11. IT Service Desk Arabia and Töölö are closed on Wed 5 April
      12. IT Service Desk Arabia closed Fri 17 March
      13. IT Service Desk Arabia closed Thu 19 January
      14. IT Service Desk Arabia closed Wed 19 April
      15. IT Service Desk office hours during Easter, April 13-18, 2017
      16. IT Service Desk Töölö is closed on Tuesdays between 10-11 am
      17. Lecture Halls with High Quality Wireless Network
      18. Maintenance break in email service 10 April 2017 between 5-6 pm
      19. Maintenance break on on 27 February 2017
      20. MyCourses is out of use 12.6. at 9-16
      21. Only lower case letters and numbers in Aalto username
      22. Problems in Aalto email
      23. Problems in Aalto email on Wednesday 15th February - fixed
      24. Problems in network services
      25. Problems signing in on 30 August 2017 fixed
      26. Restrictions in IT Service Desk opening hours 24-25 August 2017
      27. Service break in Aalto IT services on Sat-Sun 16-17 September 2017
      28. Service break in communications networks on Monday, 20 February 2017
      29. Service break in Inside, Into and Aalto Wiki 10 April 2017
      30. Short breaks in file services 12 June 2017 between 5-6 pm
      31. Short breaks in file services 15 May 2017 between 5-6 pm
      32. Short breaks in file services on Monday 9 October starting at 4 pm
      33. Trainee for ITS End user support
      34. Wiki services are being updated on Saturday 25.2.2017
    2. News 2016
  2. Short introduction to IT Services for students
  3. Accounts and passwords
  4. Wireless networks
  5. Contact information