Wireless networks


There are three wireless networks on the campuses of the Aalto University in Arabia, Otaniemi, Töölö and Mikkeli:

  1. open and unencrypted aalto open
  2. encrypted university’s internal aalto
  3. encrypted pan-European system of network roaming eduroam

Tampere University of Technology maintains wlan on Pori campus and there is available only eduroam.

Aalto open

The aalto open network is an unencrypted wireless network available for everyone. There may be thousands on users at the same time. Wlan devices, such as smart phones and tablets, connect usually automatically to aalto open, because it is fully open without any authorization.

Users cannot use many university’s internal services in aalto open. Encrypted https web connections are secure, however. Aalto open is suitable for occasional information searches.


aalto is university’s internal wlan with high security and encryption (WPA2 Enterprise/AES).

A laptop in Aalto ITS centralized maintenance signs on aalto wlan automatically with a machine account to home network which is the same as user’s landline network. So it is possible to use the same internal services as in a users’ work place.

You can sign on aalto wlan with your Aalto account, if you use your own device or other device not in Aalto ITS maintenance. This wlan connection is compared to aalto open exept the connection is secured and encrypted.


Eduroam is a pan-European system of network roaming for visitors in the university aalto with high security and encryption (WPA2 Enterprise/AES). All Aalto internal services are not available in eduroam. Aalto provides many services, etc. library’s electronic materials, also for visitors. More information on eduroam and settings: Eduroam