webmail.tkk.fi and imap.hut.fi will be shut down on 20 February 2012

Old TKK e-mail system (webmail.tkk.fi and imap.hut.fi) will be shut down on 20 February 2012. The emails will be forwarded automatically from the old e-mail system to the Aalto e-mail if the Aalto e-mail is activated. The users, who have not yet activated Aalto e-mail, should activate it asap (http://password.aalto.fi )

After the closing old E-mail system:

-          forwarded addresses made in the system will not work

-          username at cc.hut.fi and aliases firstname.lastname at hut.fi and firstname.lastname at tkk.fi will be forwarded to the Aalto e-mail

-          all e-mail boxes will be backed up

Basic information for the activation of the Aalto e-mail and copying e-mail:  https://inside.aalto.fi/display/ITServices/Activating+Aalto+email

Contacts: servicedesk@aalto.fi

Aalto IT (in English)

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    5. News 2012
      1. Aalto electronic survey tool Webropol is renewed
      2. Aalto e-mail accounts activated accidentally
      3. Aalto e-mail service certificate changes
      4. Aalto e-mail system update on Monday, 15 Oct from 5 pm.
      5. Aalto IT News March 2012 published
      6. Aalto IT News May 2012 published
      7. Aalto IT News October 2012 published
      8. AaltoShare service for the transfer of large files
      9. Aalto University’s name servers will be changed on 26 Nov, 5-8 pm
      10. Active directory server on Pori campus will be removed on Monday, 10 September from 5 pm
      11. Antivirus software update for Windows workstations
      12. Arrangements of Home directory disks will cause short breaks
      13. Autocad 2012 starts faster in IT classrooms
      14. A view to all of IT projects?
      15. Big maintenance break (4 – 8 hours) in IT services on Saturday, 5 May 2012 from 9 am
      16. Breaks in Aalto e-mail services on August 2 and 3, 2012
      17. Breaks in Aalto WWW and email
      18. Capacity of Aalto Open wlan will be improved
      19. Capacity problems in Aalto Open wlan
      20. Changes in deployment of large Windows software updates
      21. Changes in Refworks functionality with Microsoft Word
      22. Disturbance in the Aalto open data traffic may occur on Tuesday 18.12
      23. Disturbances in Adobe ConnectPro
      24. Eduroam in use again
      25. Eduroam WLAN is working again
      26. Email not in use - now the break is over
      27. Feature of preview e-mail’s attachments disabled
      28. Firefox web browser will be updated in Windows workstations
      29. Firmware updates will affect file services on Monday evenings
      30. Home directories and file services of TKK's Windows domain will be shut down
      31. Java not vulnerable in IT workstations
      32. Locking policy of workstations in classrooms and auditoriums on Töölö campus will change on 17 September
      33. Microsoft Word macro setting will change in Windows workstations
      34. Moodle update during 11.-15.6.2012
      35. Network problems in NORDUnet backbone network are causing slow connectivity
      36. Network Service Break at Maarintalo 17 July 2012
      37. Network Service Breaks in Otaniemi 9-30 July 2012
      38. New general purpose Linux server available for testing
      39. New kind of software update notifications for Windows users
      40. New releases of Mindjet and Comsol
      41. Noppa out of use due to power outage in Arabia
      42. Possible short breaks in wireless connections on Thursday 22.11
      43. Problems in aalto open network solved
      44. Problems in email and network connections
      45. Problems of Adobe Connect Pro service still going on
      46. Problems with email and network fixed
      47. Remember to change your aalto password!
      48. Remote SSH access to Linux workstation in IT classrooms from 1 March
      49. Security issue in Mac workstations fixed – change your password
      50. Service break in ConnectPro on Tuesday, 28 February 2012, 4 – 5 pm
      51. Service Break in Data Storage Services on 05 November 2012
      52. Service break in Linux workstation on 19 March 2012 between 6 -7 pm
      53. Service break in studentwiki.aalto.fi on 1 June, 9-11 am
      54. Service break in studentwiki.aalto.fi on Wed 15.8.2012 from 12 to 17 o'clock
      55. Service break in studentwiki on Tuesday, 18 September, 4-4.30 pm
      56. Service break in wiki.aalto.fi today 29 May at 4 pm
      57. Service break on 5 May ran according to the plan
      58. Service break on Inside and Wiki on Mon 25 June starting at 15 o'clock
      59. Service breaks on Wiki and on Inside on Tue 26 June and Wed 27 June at 14-17
      60. Service improvements for IMAP email and Linux logon and logoff implemented on 16th April 2012
      61. Service outage affecting network and email today starting at 14.45
      62. Short break in kosh.aalto.fi server on 4 June 2012 at 5 pm
      63. Short break in Linux workstations in classrooms on 28 May 2012 at 5 pm
      64. Short breaks in Home directory services on 21 and 28 Nov between 6-9 am
      65. Short breaks possible in Aalto work directories on Tuesday 19th June from 5pm onwards
      66. Single sign-on will be taken in use in Aalto workstations on 30 January 2012
      67. Slowness in Aalto workstations
      68. Special characters can be used in idp.aalto.fi logging
      69. TaiK's file server update will cause a short break on 6 February 2012
      70. The electrical maintenance work in Otaniemi and IT services on December 27-28, 2012
      71. The report covering the disturbances in online connections on August 13 and 14, 2012
      72. The wireless network coverage is improved during the winter
      73. TKK-Optima will be taken offline 29th of February, 2012
      74. Update of Autodesk software
      75. Upgrades in IT services on 12th November
      76. Upgrades on Aalto IT Linux public workstations Dec 27-28
      77. Warning text will be added to junk mail
      78. webmail.tkk.fi and imap.hut.fi will be shut down on 20 February 2012
      79. Wiki.aalto.fi service unvailable on Mon 27.8. 14-18
      80. Windows sidebar gadgets will be disabled for now
      81. Windows workstation problems solved
    6. News 2011
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