Director of the Programme:

Associate professor Juho Rousu

Professors responsible for the majors:

Bioinformatics and Digital Health

Assistant Professor Harri Lähdesmäki

Biomedical Engineering

Senior University Lecturer Matti Stenroos

Assistant professor Heikki J. Nieminen (on leave until 1.1.20)

Human Neuroscience and Technology

Associate Professor Lauri Parkkonen

Complex Systems

Associate Professor Jari Saramäki

Biosensing and Biolectronics

Associate Professor Tomi Laurila

Biosystems and Biomaterials Engineering

Associate Professor Alexander Frey

Study coordinators

General, recommended e-mail address to contact: Please send your message from your account. This directs the email to the correct school, and your issue can be dealt with promptly. Personal email addresses are in the format
SCI and ELEC major students: Minna Parviainen

Päivi Koivunen (on leave until 31 July 2021)

Email: minna.a.parviainen(at)

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Anna Mäkilä

Planning Officer (Biosystems and Biomaterials Engineering)

Email: anna.makila(a)