Master’s Programme in Life Science Technologies

If you would like to study in the programme, please see information on admission either on sub-page Siirtyminen ohjelmaan (if you are already studying in Aalto) or Studies portal of Aalto (if you are student of another Finnish or foreign university).

Technological innovations have become an essential part of modern healthcare, well-being and bioeconomy. Therefore, both in academic research and industry there is an increasing need for people who can deal with today's increasingly complex biomedical problems.

Master's Programme in Life Science Technologies offers a multidisciplinary curriculum focusing on important aspects of current biomedical research, covering fields such as biological data analysis and modeling, advanced biomaterials and bioelectronics, biomedical engineering and neuroscience. The program draws on fundamental and applied knowledge on these fields and is closely linked to research conducted in the participating Schools and Departments.

The programme offers majors for specializing in Biomedical Engineering, Bioinformatics, Complex Systems, Brain and Mind, Biosensing and -electronics, and Biosystems and -materials, with possibility to combine different fields with minor and elective studies.



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