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Student tutors in general

The aims of student tutoring are to bring new students as a part of the academic society in the Aalto University and in the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, familiarize them with the study environment and practices, and make them feel cosy and welcome. The responsible tutors of each department will assist the international students with practical issues such as matters related to immigration, finding one’s way around in Helsinki and Espoo, Finnish study culture and Finnish culture in all. The responsible tutors will be in contact with the international tutors before their arrival to Finland.

Student tutors' tasks

The most important tasks of the tutors are to take part in the orientation and guide new students during their first weeks in ARTS. The tutors introduce new students to the Aalto University and ARTS both concretely (the facilities) and mentally (the spirit of ARTS) and bring them as part of the student society. The tutors thus offer new students softer landings to their new environment. Also the tutors arrange happenings and events for new students (freshmen party, trips, pre-Christmas party etc).Tutors are needed most during the first weeks, but they offer companionship and support in the course of their tutoring period.

If necessary, the tutors will also help new students with study issues, but this is mainly done in the degree programmes (study coordinators and teacher tutors) and in the Student Services. The tutors should know where to guide the new student in need of help.

ARTS tutors 2017-2018

ARTS responsible tutors of each department 2017-2018:

The Department of Architecture: Petra Minkkinen

The Department of Film, Television and Scenography: Virpi Nieminen

The Department of Media: Kilian Kottmeier

The Department of Design: Ella Liuksiala

The Department of Art: Olivia Hakala

Contact: firstname.lastname(at)

ARTS student tutors of each department 2017-2018:


List of the student tutors


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Olivia Hakala  

ARTS tutor coordinator 2017-2018

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