Non-degree studies

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Non-degree students are persons who are not students of the Aalto University, but have a limited right to complete the courses he/she has been granted the study right for. It's possible to apply for the right to complete a single course or a broader entity. Non-degree studies can, for example, complement a previously attained academic degree or increase a graduate's professional competence. Non-graduate studies are subject to a charge. The fee is 15 euros per credit.

Applying for non-graduate studies

Applicants must submit the  application form together with the following attachments:

  • Copy of the latest degree certificate and/or
  • An official transcript of records
  • Letter of reference from the employer if you are applying for non-graduate studies in order to improve your professional competence
  • Letter of acceptance from a graduate school, if you are a research student

Fees for non-graduate studies

Non-graduate studies are subject to a charge. The fee is 15 euros per credit. If you are granted the right for non-graduate studies, an invoice will be sent to you with the decision letter. The actual right to study will not be created until the fee has been paid.

Application periods, submitting the application

The application should be submitted to the following address:

Aalto University
School of Electrical Engineering
Student Services
P.O.Box 15500

Applications can be submitted at any time. Applicants will receive notification by email when the application has arrived.

The process time for the applications is ca 4 weeks. Submit your application in good time before your studies are to start.

When the application has been processed, the applicant will receive a decision letter indicating whether or not the non-graduate study right has been granted, and if it has been granted, which courses does it cover. For more information, please contact