Non-degree studies

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Taking single courses as a non-graduate student

If you have completed a Master's degree in a Finnish higher education institution you have the possibility to supplement your education by taking extra courses from the study programme. The decision about awarding the study right for this purpose is taken by the School which organizes the studies in question. For well-grounded reasons, the School may also decide to award such a study right to a person, who hasn't graduated with a Master's degree in a Finnish higher education institution.

The application form is available online (506 Application for the right to pursue non-graduate studies). Please enclose with the application form:

  • official transcript of records
  • degree certificate and a statement from your employer, if the reason for your application is improving your professional skills
  • admission letter to a doctoral programme if applicable

In the application list the courses you are interested in. You can take only the courses that you have applied for, that you are admitted to and for which you have paid the fee. The decision will be sent to you by post.

The fee for non-graduate studies is 15 euros per credit.

The applications are submitted to the Student Services, Aalto University School of Engineering, P.O. Box 14100, 00076 AALTO. Visiting address: Otakaari 4, building K1, room K103. The applications are processed throughout the year. For further information, contact the Student Services, or tel. +358 50 347 5786, +358 50 3478 230. 

Open University

Open University education, provided by all Finnish universities, is open to everyone. Its purpose is to promote educational and regional equality and the accessibility of university education by offering people from all educational backgrounds an opportunity to participate in education organised in accordance with the universities' curricula. The credits correspond to those earned in education leading to a degree and are recognised as such. The Open University gives its students a chance to take part in university education on a wide spectrum of fields and to gain academic knowledge and receive research-based higher education.

The value underlying Open University education is the right of the individual to lifelong learning and education. Its aim is to add to the skills, knowledge, expertise and professional skills of the students, to promote their personal development, active citizenship, social skills as well as their employment.

More information: Aalto University Open University (