Private market housing

Lyyra Rentals – Housing Portal for Students

Around 20% of international students in Helsinki region live in a private market apartment. Lyyra Rentals is a housing portal where you can search for housing in the private market and look for flat mates to share a rental apartment with. Be cautious in accepting a rental apartment from a private owner without seeing it – there have also been scams in the market.  Lyyra Rentals also provides information on housing affairs to help you find your way out in the housing market! Lyyra service is free of charge and requires only a registration to the service. Further information

Forenom – Furnished flats for international students

Forenom offers furnished flats for both short and long term needs. Shared flats are suitable for 2-4 persons, rent approx. €450-600/month/student. Forenom enables you to guarantee your accommodation before arrival to Finland. In order to apply for a Forenom apartment, you need to have 1-3 flat mates. More information on Forenom apartments and flat mate search

Private rental market

It is advisable to look for housing from the private rental market as well. In the private market, difficult issues for students can be expensive deposits, commissions and high rents. Also, landlords may not want to rent their apartments for short-term stays. However, you can find an affordable and comfortable option from subleased or shared apartments. (Finnish website) (Finnish website)

No flat before arriving in Finland? Book a hostel early enough!

If you do not have an apartment before arriving in Finland, be sure to make a reservation for a hostel early enough! The hostels are often fully booked in early September. You can search for a hostel at You can also try couch-surfing, a volunteer-based network for accommodation,

For latecomers there will also be in the beginning of the autumn term a regional Find a flat, mate! -event. On the event, you can meet potential flat mates and hear about the different housing options available in Helsinki region.

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