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Most of the forms are in PDF format. Fill in the form, print and deliver to the office of your degree programme. Free software Adobe Acrobat Reader for reading and printing pdf-documents can be found on the Adobe website. Do not use MacOS Preview application, because it is known to cause problems with forms.

The filling of the pdf forms is not supported by some versions of Firefox. In case of problems, open the pdf form in another web browser (e.g. Chrome or Internet Explorer).

Forms for credit transfer

Forms for Bachelor's thesis

Forms for Master's thesis

Forms for graduation

Forms for other study affairs

Practical training

Application for the right to pursue non-graduate studies

Forms for Outgoing exchange students

Common applications

Application Form for outgoing exchange students  (online form) is open during the application period (until 4.15 pm.)


 How to fill in the electronic application form (field of Science and Technology)

1. Please open the electronic application form at
Please note that you can access the application form only during application periods.

2. Sign in with your Aalto credentials. Open the info page at Start a new application. The application consists of several pages. The headlines of the pages (altogether 10 pages) can be seen on the left.

3. Please fill in the application page by page. Tick the box on Mark page as complete when you have answered all the questions on that page. You can save the application from and continue filling it in later (during the application period).

4. List the exchange places you wish to apply for (maximum 3 options) on the page  List of exchange places in an order of preference. +Destination allows you to add more options.

5. On the page Relevant documents to be uploaded please add the scanned, relevant application documents (singed Learning Agreement or Study plan, Official Transcript of Records, possible Language certificate) in PDF format. The maximum size of one file is 2 MB. You need to add a singed Learning Agreement or Study plan on each destination option (1-3 options) you are applying for. However, one Transcript of Records and one Language certificate per language suffice.

  • You can find more information on the Into pages of your School. Please see in Into the headline Internationalisation and studying abroad

NB. Please dot copy text to the application form (e.g. from Word) - this can lock the application and prevent the pdf document to be uploaded.

6.  Send the application by clicking Submit.

7. Please do not close the browser and wait until the programme produces a PDF copy of your application. Please save the PDF copy as a receipt of the submitted application. In case you don’t get the PDF or you cannot print it, contact the coordinator of exchange studies at your School. Please do not fill in another application!

8. Sign out from the application system.

9. Please hand in the paper application = PDF application print and the original application documents (attachments such as Transcript) to the coordinator of exchange studies at your School. Please note that the application is NOT COMPLETE before you have handed in the PDF application print and the original application documents to your School’s coordinator. The paper applications are to be handed in the latest the following day after the application deadline at 16.15 PM Finnish time.

10. After submitting the application you cannot make changes in it. If you have questions on your application please contact the coordinator of exchange studies at your School.


Outgoing Erasmus students

Study plan form, which is an attachment to your online application form:

Outgoing trainees

The forms for international internship grants are available in the Aalto CareerWeb (Aalto login required). For further information please e-mail