Frequently asked questions



How can I get a certificate of student status or transcript of my studies for my job application or student discounts etc.?

You can order an unofficial transcript of records in WebOodi, where you can also check the status of your annual enrolment.

You can order an official digitally-signed transcript of records in WebOodi while you are a student at Aalto. The electronic transcript of records is a PDF document equipped with a digital signature to confirm its authenticity and integrity.

If you need a paper copy of an official certificate of student status or transcript of records, contact the student services of your degree programme . The documents will be sent to you by post or given to you in person. Someone else can collect your documents for you, but only if they have a power of attorney.

The employment officials want a certificate which states that I have not studied for the past x years. Where can I get one?

The unemployment officials consider your studies as interrupted if you have not attended any courses or received any credits during the past year. You can prove this with an official transcript of records (see the first question).

If your study attainments are less than a year old, you need to renounce your right to study in order to receive unemployment benefits. See the next question.

I need a certificate stating that I am no longer a student at Aalto University.

The decision to renounce your right to study is final and binding. You cannot continue your studies unless you go through the normal student selection process. Please note that you do not need to renounce your right to study in order to receive unemployment benefits. The employment officials may require that you interrupt your studies. See the previous question.

The form Notification of renouncing a study right is available online. The filled-in and signed form is returned to the address “Aalto University / School of Science, Student Services, P.O. Box 15400, FI-00076 AALTO”.

Where can I get a (certified) copy of my degree certificate?

If your degree certificate is lost or destroyed, you can order a copy from Aalto University’s Archive and Registry Services (, tel. 050 596 9639). Otherwise you need to make a copy yourself.

An Apostille Certificate issued by a Finnish notary public suffices as certification if the state in which the document has to be produced is a party to the Hague Apostille Convention. No other measure of legalisation of documents is required. For more information, please contact your local register office.

As to states other than the parties to the Hague Apostille Convention, the legalisation procedure of documents has three stages. First, the notary public certifies the document or the signature. The original document issued by a state authority can be signed by its official. Next the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Consular Services/Legalisations) certifies the signature of the notary public or an official. Last, the Mission of the State in question certifies the legalisation certification issued by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Legalisation of documents by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs:

My degree certificate was lost/destroyed.

See the previous question.

How can I have my degree certificate translated into English?

New degree certificates are issued with a translation into English. With the degree certificate you receive an English-language version of your transcript and a Diploma Supplement. The Diploma Supplement describes the qualification obtained and its status in the Finnish educational system.

If you have not received these enclosures with an older degree certificate, you need to have your degree certificate translated yourself by a translation agency or translator. You may also apply to the Finnish National Board of Education for a statement on your Finnish qualification:

Discounts, student card

Discount for public transport in the Helsinki metropolitan area

A student card with a current term sticker on it is sufficient proof of your status as a student, and you don’t need any other certificate from the university. Buy an electronic travel card and update it with the relevant Travel Card customer group, or update your existing card. You can do it in the service points of Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL):

HSL has a temporary service point in Otaniemi in the beginning of each autumn term, from about mid-August to mid-September.

If you haven’t got a student card or you've lost it, you can get a relevant certificate from the  Student Services of your programme.

Discount on train tickets (VR) and on long-distance coach tickets (Matkahuolto)

You can buy discount tickets with a student card which has a current term sticker on it – no other certificate is necessary.

Trains: You can also use a temporary certificate of student status for discount on VR trains until you receive your student card.

Matkahuolto: Students are eligible for the discount upon presentation of 1) a student card with the Matkahuolto logo printed on the card 2) a student identity card issued by Matkahuolto. Students may obtain a student identity card issued by Matkahuolto from all Matkahuolto service points and those Matkahuolto agents that sell tickets.

I lost my student card. How can I get a new one?

Please see Q13: I’ve lost my plastic student card. What should I do?

If you want to receive student discounts while waiting for your new card, the Student Services will give you a certificate of student status. This is enough for restaurants and Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS). The Student Services can also give you the relevant certificates for HSL (Helsinki Regional Transport Authority), VR and Matkahuolto (see previous questions).

How can I get a term sticker for my student card?

If you have enrolled for the current academic year, the sticker can be collected from the service points of the Student Union. See the page for their contact information and opening hours. If you have forgotten to enrol, you have to pay the re-enrolment fee (see the next question).


I forgot to enrol for the current academic year during the enrolment period. What do I do?

  1. Apply for readmission.
  2. Pay a re-enrolment fee (35 euros).
  3. Pay the membership fee of the Student Union.
  4. Send or take the application for readmission, the receipts of the payments and any enclosures to the Student Services of your programme .

1. You need to apply for readmission by filling in the form A005 Application for readmission (return of the right to study).

If your non-enrolment has lasted for less than one academic year, fill in this form, pay the re-enrolment fee, and return the form and a receipt of the payment to the student services. This applies also if you have failed to enrol during the enrolment period for a maximum of two consecutive terms (e.g. autumn term 2013 and spring term 2014), and are applying for readmission before the end of the following enrolment period (i.e. within the enrolment period for the autumn term of 2014).

If your non-enrolment has lasted for more than one academic year, you must enclose a goal-oriented and feasible plan for completing your studies within a reasonable time, and an account of the reasons for failing to enrol. Contact the staff of your degree programme if you need help with the plan. Their contact information can be found in Into.

2. You are also required to pay a re-enrolment fee of 35 euros. The payment details are as follows.

Recipient: Aalto-korkeakoulusäätiö
Account number: FI47 1660 3000 0735 05
Reference number: 7000 0933
Sum: 35 euros

3. If you wish to enrol as present, pay the membership fee of the Student Union. The student services need a receipt of this payment as well. Payment instructions of the membership fee can be found on the page

N.B.! If your non-enrolment has lasted for more than one academic year, do not pay the re-enrolment fee or the membership fee until you receive the decision and you know for certain that you are readmitted.

4. The document(s) and receipt(s) are sent to the student services. Do one of the following.

  1. Attach the document(s) and receipt(s) to an email and send the email to the address Send them preferably as a pdf file.
  2. Fax the papers to number (09) 470 23015.
  3. Send them by post to the address “Aalto University School of Science, Student Services, P.O. Box 15400, FI-00076 AALTO”.
  4. Take them in person to the student services of your programme.

N.B.! Any receipts saved or printed in an online banking service must show an archive number.

If your non-enrolment has lasted for less than one academic year, the decision is usually made within a week. Otherwise it takes about two weeks. You will be contacted by email or phone when the decision is made and your enrolment is recorded in the student registry.


I have been doing something else for the past x years. How do I go about continuing my studies? How do I find out which courses I still need to take etc.?

Do the following.

  1. Enrol for the current academic year.
  2. If your computer account has expired, activate it.
  3. Contact the staff of your programme if you need information about which courses you need to take to complete your degree etc.
  4. Sign up for courses and complete your degree.

If you have not enrolled as present (or absent) each academic year, you need to pay a re-enrolment fee of 35 euros. The previous question gives instructions on paying the re-enrolment fee and the membership fee of the Student Union. If you are not sure about the status of your enrolment, ask the student services of your programme. Or you can try to access your computer account (see next paragraph). If you can access your computer account, your enrolment is in order.

Use the service on the page to adopt a new Aalto username. If you have forgotten the password of an activated username, use the service to change it. You need your Internet bank access codes. If you have a problem, or if you do not have Internet bank access codes, visit one of the IT service desks on the Aalto campuses. Their contact information can be found on the page

If you have questions about what you need to do towards your degree, which courses to choose etc., consult the staff of your degree programme: student advisor, student affairs secretary or planning officer.

Doctoral students can contact their supervisor or the staff of Aalto Doctoral Programme in Science.

WebOodi is the system where you sign up for courses ( > In English). Click Instructions for help. Course home pages can be found in the learning environment MyCourses ( To log in WebOodi and MyCourses you need a computer account for Aalto University. You can read the instructions and browse course information without logging in.

The field I am studying is not for me after all. How can I transfer to a more suitable programme in technology?

Students can transfer by applying to a Master’s programme through the normal application procedure.

Admissions, Bachelor’s programmes:
Admissions, Master’s programmes:

If you are admitted to a new degree programme and you accept the offer of admission, your right to study in the original programme ends. Your student number and Aalto username do not change.

I would like to take a break from my studies. Is there something I need to do?

You can enrol as absent, and that is all the university needs to know. However, the duration of your bachelor's or master’s degree studies is monitored. The normative and maximum durations of degrees apply to students who have been granted the right to study on or after 1 August 2005. If you enrol as absent for reasons other than those mentioned on that page (e.g. in order to work), this is counted towards the total duration of your study. You are also advised to consider that resuming your studies after a long break may not be that easy.

I would like to take courses in another university and include them in my degree. What are my options?

You can complete studies in another Finnish university within the so-called Flexible Study Right Agreement (JOO). The School of Science and the receiving university or school need to approve your application for JOO studies. Further information is available on the page Studies in another Aalto school or in another Finnish university (

If your application is rejected, you can apply to take the courses as a non-degree student. You will be charged a fee for non-degree studies. You will need to have the courses included in your degree afterwards. However, there is no guarantee that your degree programme approves non-degree studies. (JOO studies and internal mobility courses are guaranteed to be approved for your degree, as these need to be in your personal study plan.) Not all universities and faculties take non-degree students.

You can also apply for courses in another school of Aalto university: > Student Mobility at Aalto: Courses and Minors.

An Aalto course is open to all Aalto students, and students can simply sign up in WebOodi.

You can check whether the course is offered by Open University. There is a course fee for Open University courses. More information is available on their website

I would like to study during the summer. What is offered? Is financial aid available?

The courses offered during the summer are listed in Into (to be updated). (For now in Finnish:

Summer courses offered by Open University are listed on their website

You qualify for student financial aid when you study during the summer.

In general the right of non-Finnish citizens to receive student financial aid from the State is decided on a case-by-case basis. Information on financial aid for foreign students:

My right to study is about to expire, but I have not completed my degree. How do I apply for an extension?

Please consult the page You need to present a feasible plan for completing your studies, which you may want to discuss with the student services of your degree programme.

Where can I find information about course correspondences?

Please see the page Course correspondences in Into. If you cannot find helpful information on the page, please contact the planning officer of your programme.

I have completed a course, but can't find the credits in Oodi.

1. Check in Oodi that the credits have indeed not been entered.
2. Contact the teacher.
3. If the credits are still missing after steps 1 and 2, check the page Courses and exams who to contact next.

I am a student of another university, and I’d like to have my credits in Aalto University transferred to my university. Where can I find descriptions of the courses and their contents, learning outcomes, criteria, etc.?

You can check the study guides of all Aalto University programmes.

You can browse course information in WebOodi without logging in:

I am a student of another Finnish university, and I am completing one of their exams. Since I live here in Helsinki/Espoo/Vantaa/etc., is it possible to write the exam in an Aalto classroom, among your students?

There is no one person or service to contact for such arrangements. Ask the teacher giving the exam if they know a member of staff in Aalto University. A member of staff of Aalto University might be able to make the arrangements, arrange invigilators etc.

Student financial aid

Where can I find out about student financial aid? How do I apply for it?

The contact information of Aalto University Student Financial Aid Services is available on their Into site The site has links to the website of Kela – The Social Insurance Institution of Finland, the authority on student financial aid (

Personal details

I have changed my name. How can I change it in WebOodi, my email address etc.?

Send an email to student services: Mention your student number or Finnish identity number. We will check your name in the Population Information System and change it in the student register. After that you can ask the IT Services to change your email address and/or Aalto University account. If you are also an employee of Aalto, notify the Payroll team as well (

I want to use my middle name in my email address. How can I change it?

Let us know the name you want to use: We will enter this information in the student register. After that you can ask the IT Services to change your email address and/or Aalto University account.