How to apply

If you are studying at one of Aalto University's partner institutions and would like to come on exchange (e.g. Erasmus+, Nordtek/plus, bilateral) to Aalto, please first contact the international office of your home university to discuss your eligibility. When your home university has approved your participation and sent  an official nomination by email to Aalto, we will email you a link to an online application form which you must fill out and submit before the application deadline. You should apply to the Aalto school which your home university has an agreement with in your field of study. For more information about the agreements and their field of study, please ask your home university's international office.


Exchange students applying to the Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering or the School of Science

You must attach the following documents to the online application. Please prepare them before starting to fill out the online application form.

  1. Official transcript of records in English (i.e. a list of courses you have completed)
  2. Preliminary Study plan or Learning Agreement approved by your home institution.
    - Erasmus students should use the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement form provided by their home university
    - All other exchange students can use this study plan form.
  3. English language certificate: an official test certificate, or a statement by an English language teacher or other professor stating that the exchange student has sufficient skills in English to study in his/her field of study.
  4. Curriculum Vitae

Study plan or learning agreement:
Please read "What can you study" before making your study plan. At least 2/3 of the courses selected must be from the same field of study. The Study Plan/Learning Agreement is preliminary and it will be accepted and checked only in the School you have applied to. It's important to write also the course codes in the Study Plan/Learning Agreement.

Application deadlines for the academic year 2017-2018

  • April 30: Applications for the full academic year or for one semester (autumn or spring). 
  • October 15: Applications for the spring term 2018 only.

In April you can apply for the next academic year or for one semester (autumn or spring). In September/October you can apply only for the following spring semester.

The online application opens approximately one month before the application deadline. The link to the application will be sent to nominated students only. For the official nomination your home university should send us an email with information on the nominated students (i.e. name, email address, field of study and the period of exchange).

It's important that you only fill out and submit one online application form. If there is a problem with the form or you notice that you've made a mistake when filling it out, please contact us. Do not submit a new application.

Please note that applications that arrive late or are incomplete after the deadlines will be rejected.

The admission process

 Admission process step by step

1. Contact your home university's international office for information on your university's internal admission requirements, deadlines and the application procedure. Your home university nominates the candidates for exchange to Aalto University by sending a nomination email to the Aalto School they have an agreement with.

2. Fill in the online application form and submit it by the deadline with all the required documents attached.

3. Your study plan will be checked only in the Aalto school that you have applied to. You may be asked to make changes in your Learning Agreement/Study Plan.

4. The acceptance (or rejection) letter will be sent to you either by email (an electronic version) or by post depending on the Aalto School. With the admission decision you will receive some useful pre-arrival material. Information about the application result will be sent to you within one and a half month after the application deadline. If you have not received any information from us by that time, please contact the exchange coordinator at the Aalto school you applied to.

6. When you have received the admission letter, please inform the coordinator at your home university about the decision (if your admission letter was sent to your home address).

Together with the admission letter you will receive a package of information material. Please read it carefully since it contains a lot of useful information which you need to know before and after arriving in Finland (residence permit, enrolment, etc.).

Contact information of exchange coordinators