Students are required to select 25-35 credits of elective studies. The student can complete a minor and/or take individual courses lectured at Aalto University or the other universities in Finland. The student can also participate in an international student exchange programme or do an internship (max. 10 credits) in Finland or abroad. The mentor can provide assistance in selecting the elective studies.

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Language studies

In Aalto School of Science, students have compulsory language studies as a part of the bachelor’s degree. If these language studies have not been completed before entering the master’s programme, they must be included in the master’s degree as explained in the following:

A student whose language of school education is Finnish or Swedish must take 2 credits in the other national language. In addition, all students must demonstrate both oral (o) and written (w) proficiency in one foreign language (3 credits).

Students with excellent command of English (e.g. English as a first language) may apply for the exemption from the compulsory foreign language requirement and take 3 ECTS of Finnish courses instead. In this case, according to the Degree Regulations, the student has not demonstrated the requisite written and oral language requirement in a foreign language, which is reflected in the appendix of the degree certificate. Students may apply for an exemption in the beginning of each term (deadlines 15 September and 15 January) with an application form.

The language studies are included in the elective studies.

More information about language courses can be found on the Language Centre’s website