Code: ENG25
Credits: 30 ECTS cr
Responsible Professors: Sven Bossuyt, Heikki Remes

Mechanical Engineering in Society is compulsory for all students. In addition to that, select at least one of the three project courses and enough of the alternative common studies courses to meet 30 credits. Additional common studies courses can be included in advanced studies. The common studies are completed during the first year of studies.


Name of the course      




Mechanical Engineering in Society



Project courses* (select at least one):

MEC-E1003Machine Design Project5I-II
MEC-E1004Principles of Naval Architecture5I-II
MEC-E1005Modelling in Applied Mechanics5V

Select 20 cr, according to your study path:

MEC-E1010Dynamics of Rigid Body5I
MEC-E1020Fluid Dynamics5I
MEC-E1030Random loads and processes5I
MEC-E1040Dynamics of structures5II
MEC-E1050Finite element method in solids5II
MEC-E1060Machine design5I
MEC-E1070Selection of engineering materials5I
MEC-E1080Production Engineering5I-II
MEC-E1090Quality Management and Metrology5II
MEC-E3002Methods in Early Product Development5I

*You can also choose one of the advanced studies project courses.