General information about the thesis

The master’s thesis is a 30-credit entity that also includes the maturity essay and presentation of the thesis. The master's thesis is a piece of applied research and is written on a topic related to the advanced studies of the degree programme. The key goal of the master’s thesis is solving a problem relevant to the field of study based on existing scientific knowledge in compliance with the principles of responsible conduct of research.

Applying for a master’s thesis topic

See School of Engineering thesis guidelines in English (pdf) and Finnish (pdf).

If your thesis includes personal data, see instructions on how to handle personal data in research.

Take advantage of the Aalto University thesis agreement templates and contract instructions if your thesis is done for a company.

The supervisor's written approval for thesis topic can be either a screenshot of a email conversation (containing full topic of thesis) or a topic agreement form completed by the supervisor.

Once you have the supervisor's written approval for thesis topic, submit the thesis application in eAge. Attach the supervisor's written approval to the application.

Your Sisu study plan must be completed and approved when you apply for the thesis topic.

You can find the thesis topic deadlines and the processing dates in the in the table below. The thesis topic, thesis language and the thesis supervisor and advisor(s) are approved by the degree programme committee. The thesis topic and the completed thesis cannot be approved at the same degree committee meeting.

You will be notified via eAge once the thesis topic has been approved by the degree committee meeting. The approved topic is always valid for one (1) whole year.

Writing the master's thesis

Attend the master’s thesis seminar, if one is organised by your programme or the Language Centre. Participation is usually voluntary, but recommended.

Familiarise yourself with the School of Engineering criteria and guidelines for master's thesis evaluation (in English and Finnish).

Turnitin is an online platform that reviews the thesis text for originality. Ask your supervisor about his / her Turnitin practices. Once your supervisor has checked the Turninit report, you are granted permission to publish. Turnitin instructions for students can be found here.

The thesis process also includes a final thesis presentation which is agreed with the supervisor. The presentation must be held at the latest when applying for the approval and evaluation of thesis in eAge.

The thesis process involves demonstrating conversance with the field and the student's knowledge about the topic, which is done by completing a "maturity test".

The completion of the maturity essay / abstract must be agreed with the supervisor before applying for the approval of the thesis. The supervisor checks and acknowledges whether the thesis abstract is accepted as a completed maturity test. The maturity test is graded either pass or fail.

Those students with Finnish schooling who have already demonstrated language proficiency in a maturity essay for a bachelor’s degree are not required to demonstrate it again by writing a maturity essay for the master's degree. 

Applying for evaluation and approval of master's thesis

Once you have permission to publish from the supervisor, submit the thesis approval and evaluation application in eAge

Attach the completed, corrected and final thesis to the application and make sure it is the correct PDF/A format. See Aalto University instructions for converting and checking the file format. The thesis file cannot be corrected or changed after the approved thesis has arrived in Aaltodoc publication archive.

You can find the thesis deadlines and the processing dates in the in the table below. These deadlines are absolute and no late applications will be processed. You will be notified via eAge once the thesis has been approved and evaluated by the degree committee meeting.

If you have compleated all your studies, you can submit an electronic request for the degree certificate at Sisu in same time with your application for the approval of your master's thesis. You can find more information under 'Graduation'.

Thesis deadlines

Please note that deadlines are not flexible. Graduation will be automatically postponed to the next possible date if you do not submit degree application within the deadline or all credits are not registered.

Please note that the degree programme committee approves the master's thesis topic and master's thesis. The deadlines for applications also concern to these applications. The topic of the master's thesis cannot be approved at the same meeting of the degree programme committee as the master's thesis will be approved.

*) Graduation dates between meetings are intended for bachelor's degree students and those master's degree students whose thesis has already been approved by the degree programme committee.


Deadline for applications

-All credits must be registered into student register

-The official date of graduation, which will be printed on the degree certificate

Degree programme committee meeting date

-Approves the master's thesis topic and master's thesis

-Note: only 7 meeting / year

Degree award by Dean

-After this date, your degree will be registered in the student register

-You will receive an email when your certificate is ready to collect, approximately 2-3 weeks after this date

Fri 31.12.2021Mon 24.1.Wed 26.1.
Mon 31.1.2022 *)Mon 7.3. Additional meeting for curriculum topics, no MSc theses/topics *)Wed 16.2.
Mon 28.2.2022Mon 21.3.Wed 23.3.
Mon 28.3.2022 *)no meeting *)Wed 13.4.
Mon 25.4.2022Mon 16.5.Wed 18.5.
Mon 30.5.2022Mon 13.6.Wed 15.6.
Mon 27.6.2022 *)no meeting *)Wed 13.7.
Fri 29.7.2022Mon 22.8.Wed 24.8. 
Mon 29.8.2022 *)no meeting *)Wed 14.9.
Mon 26.9.2022Mon 10.10.Wed 12.10.
Mon 31.10.2022 *)no meeting *)Wed 16.11.
Mon 21.11.2022Mon 12.12.Wed 14.12.
Fri 30.12.2022January 2023January 2023

Thesis document template

See official Aalto University thesis templates (Finnish, Swedish and English).

Master’s thesis as a part of the Aalto Thesis programme

Aalto Thesis programme is a optional, multidisciplinary and working life oriented opportunity to enhance your professional competences during the thesis process. In the programme 2 to 4 students from different fields form a team to take on a six month project that involves solving a complex challenge faced by a working life partner.

All Aalto Master's students can apply to the programme. Each project has its own application and selected students receive a grant to support their thesis work.

Follow Aalto Thesis website for uncoming applications and more information about past projects.

Electronic archiving of the master's thesis and thesis publicity

All approved Aalto University master’s theses and their metadata (incl. author, thesis topic, thesis language, keywords and thesis supervisor/advisors) are stored in the Aaltodoc publication archive. When applying for the approval of the completed thesis, a student can define whether they want only the metadata or the whole thesis to be public in Aaltodoc. The thesis metadata and the PDF/A file are found also in the INSSI database.

Publication of a thesis can be postponed up to one year from the date of approval, i.e., the thesis does not have to be published immediately if delaying publication is necessary for reasons such as patent applications or trade secrets. However, it is worth noting that theses as public documents can be freely viewed in electronic format by visiting the Aalto University Harald Herlin Learning Centre.


With any questions or ambiguities please contact administrative staff:

  • AAE, EEN: Sanni Valkeapää (
  • ISEE, SELECT, EIT-ES, EIT-MANU, EIT-UM: Nelli Markula (
  • MEC, NMME, Cold Climate: Helena Suonsilta (
  • GIS, REC, SPT, CS, USP in REE: Suvi Jämsä (
  • GEO, CIV, WAT, EMMEP: Harri Långstedt (

Quick links:
Thesis topics
Topic application (online form)
Thesis presentation
Thesis approval application (online form)

Recommended thesis process in Mechanical Engineering

1. Topic selection
2. First meeting of the thesis project
3. Thesis work + writing
4. Thesis project finalization

StageTime (2nd year of studies)Step 
  • Students familiarise themself with the general Master's thesis instructions and guidelines (see top of the page) and the thesis process of the programme.
  • Student contacts the supervisor to apply for a ready-made topic or to suggest own topic. Ready-made topics are published on the wiki page.
  • Student agrees on the topic with the supervising professor.
2.November - December
  • Student will have a first thesis meeting with the supervisor and the advisor.

Spring semester

  • Student applies for the topic officially. To apply for the MSc thesis topic, the student fills in the application form at least 2 weeks prior to the Degree Programme Committee meeting. Please see the general instructions for more information.
3Spring semester
3.Spring semester (+summer)
  • Student does the thesis work and writing.
4.Spring semester (+summer)
  • Student finalizes the thesis and agrees with the supervisor and the advisior when the thesis is ready.
  • Student gives a seminar presentation and writes a maturity essay.
  • Student applies for thesis evaluation and graduation (if all the courses included in the degree are completed)