The master’s thesis is written on a topic related to the advanced studies of the programme, agreed upon between the student and the supervising professor. The professors of the programme provide master’s thesis topics that are related to their current research activities. The student can also suggest his/her own topic to a supervisor. The recommended time of the thesis project is the second year spring semester.

The master’s thesis supervisor shall be one of the professors of Aalto University or, for special reasons and by decision of the Dean, the thesis supervisor may also be a university lecturer or senior university lecturer of the school. The thesis advisor shall hold at least a master’s degree. Students may apply for a topic for their master’s thesis when a minimum of 60 credits counted towards the master’s degree have been completed.

The master's thesis includes a seminar presentation. The student is also required to write a maturity essay related to the master’s thesis. The thesis is a public document and it shall be available at the school.

Please see further instructions on Completing your master's thesis under planning your studies.






Master´s thesis


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Maturity essay


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