Master's Programme in Mechanical Engineering builds upon a thorough understanding of core mechanics subjects, which is complemented through advanced studies. Studies provide a solid engineering basis for working in an international, competitive and highly innovative environment.

The programme is flexible and versatile, offering many possibilities for specialisation or multidisciplinary combination as well as support in plotting your personal study path. Our teaching is based on problem-based learning, often solving practical real-world cases in co-operation with industry. The finished degree opens doors to a multitude of career paths in consulting, design, product development, research and management, or to a postgraduate position within Aalto University.

Specialisation in the programme is offered through advanced studies courses, which are organised into topic groups. You may follow pre-defined study paths within those topics or pick a less conventional mix of courses in accordance with your individual profile. To help you plan your studies, we offer a comprehensive system of academic support.

  1. Aalto University Office 365 services boosts individual and teams productivity in work and study Aalto University’s Office 365 services (like OneDrive, Teams, Office programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) are available for all Aalto users. Office 365 is accessible any time, any device whether one is working from home or office... 16.08.2018 16:10
  2. Future possibilities in Space industry 29.8.2018 Interested in job opportunities in the space industry? Join the event organized by Ultrahack and the Aalto Startup Center in A-Grid... 13.08.2018 10:58
  3. Uracoaching tohtorikoulutettaville ja post doc tutkijoille syksyllä 2018 - ilmoittaudu 8.10. mennessä in English   Uracoachingia on Aallossa toteutettu jo useampana vuotena kohdennettuna erityisesti tohtorikoulutettaville. Mukaan voivat hakea myös post doc –tutkijat... 13.08.2018 09:55
  4. Career coaching for doctoral candidates and post doc researchers in autumn 2018 – apply by 8 November suomeksi Career coaching has been implemented for several years for the doctoral students. In autumn  2018 also the post doctoral researchers are welcome to apply... 13.08.2018 09:49
  5. World Development Report 2019 Competition (entry by 31 Aug) Accepting Entries Now Through 31 August 2018 for the World Bank’s Competition on the Changing Nature of Work. The next World Bank World Development Report (WDR) 2019 will address The Changing Nature of Work. For... 10.08.2018 10:45
  6. Talk the Talk speaking program (apply by Aug 21st) Talk the Talk 2018 finds and coaches the next generation of public speakers and presents them to the world. To apply, all you'll need is your enthusiasm and a topic you're passionate about. Ten fresh talents will... 10.08.2018 10:30
  7. FallUp 2018 - 2.10. Messukeskus, Helsinki In the past three years, FallUp has been an inspiring event for future entrepreneurs and students aspiring to become part of the startup ecosystem in Finland. 10.08.2018 10:17
  8. ARTS gives 171 minor study rights taulukkotyylit Minors of School of Arts, Design and Architecture were again very popular in the spring apply period. We received 198 applications, from which 148 were from ARTS students. 50 applications were from other schools... 07.08.2018 14:53
  9. Examinationsspråk i studieprestationsutdraget från och med 1.8.2018 Från och med 1.8.2018 anges examinationsspråket för enskilda kurser i studieprestationsutdraget. När du har slutfört en kurs kan du kontrollera examinationsspråket i studieprestationsutdraget. Examinationsspråket anges för kurser som har slutförts 1... 30.07.2018 09:25
  10. Language of study attainments to be shown on transcript of records as of 1 August 2018 The language of study attainments of the course, i.e. the language the student used for the individually evaluated items on the course, will be printed on the transcript of records on 1 August 2018. Once you have completed a course... 30.07.2018 09:22