Programmes and Majors


Bachelor of Arts (180 ECTS)

  • Visuaalisen viestinnän muotoilu (only in Finnish, former "Graafinen suunnittelu")

Master of Arts (120 ECTS)

Master’s Programme in Visual Communication Design (former Graphic Design)

Master’s Programme in New Media

  • Major in Game Design and Production
  • Major in New Media Design and Production
  • Major in Sound in New Media

Master's Programme in Photography


Priority in the student selection is always given to the students of the programme or major. If free places exist they will be filled in the following order: 1. students who have already been given a study right (eg., minor subject students, exchange students and non-degree students), 2. students of the Department of Media, 3. students of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, 4. other Aalto University students, 5. all the others.

The degree students are mainly selected in the order of registration. If there are more registered students than there are places available other criteria of approval may be used (such as study progress or study plan). The decisions on the use of exceptional procedure are always made by the Head of the Degree Programme.