Internal mobility

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Aalto University students may apply for a study right at another Aalto School through internal mobility. It is possible to apply for an individual course or for minor studies.  An electronic application system eAge is used. Application period for individual internal mobility courses is four times a year:

May 1st - May 15th for courses in I period

Sep 15th - Sep 30th for courses in II period

Nov 15th - Nov 30th for courses in III period

Feb 1st - Feb 15th for courses in IV and V periods.

Electronic application system eAge: https://eage.aalto.fi/?ff/en/aaltomobility14_february_courses

Application period for minors is twice a year, May 1st - May 15th and September 15th - September 30th.

Courses and minors offered through internal mobility will be published on this website before the beginning of the application period.

Aalto courses are courses that are open to all Aalto University students. Students do not need to apply for study right in order to participate in these courses.

Flexible study right JOO

The Flexible Study Rights Agreement (JOO) provides graduate and post-graduate students of Finnish universities the opportunity to include courses from other universities into their degrees. JOO agreement allows a student to apply for a temporary study right at another Finnish University.

Aalto University uses with some exceptions two application periods for JOO-studies. During the main application period in April, students can apply for the JOO-courses that are held during the next academic year. In October it is possible to apply for the courses that are held next spring.


  1. 26.03.2014 00:00 Applying for internal mobility study right for Information Technology Program (ITP)
  2. 31.01.2014 00:00 Apply now for Aalto internal mobility courses for periods IV and V
  3. 18.12.2013 00:00 New Aalto courses begin in January
  4. 19.11.2013 00:00 Application period for Aalto internal mobility ongoing
  5. 18.11.2013 00:00 Changes in internal mobility!
  6. 13.09.2013 00:00 Dr. Peter Gloor from MIT Sloan School of Management lectures at Aalto on Collaborative Innovation Networks
  7. 05.09.2013 00:00 New Media for the Third Sector - register now!
  8. 29.08.2013 00:00 New Aalto courses begin!
  9. 08.05.2013 00:00 Apply now for Aalto internal mobility!
  10. 07.05.2013 00:00 Professor Andrew Duchowski to lecture in Aalto on Monday May 13th
  11. 26.04.2013 00:00 Professor Keith Rayner to lecture on Eye Tracking Methodology on May 6th 2013, welcome!
  12. 01.03.2013 00:00 Register now for the Aalto course 21E71000 Strategic Foresight and Design
  13. 08.02.2013 00:00 Apply now for Aalto internal mobility courses held in IV period
  14. 01.02.2013 00:00 Changes in Aalto internal mobility
  15. 04.01.2013 00:00 New Aalto courses start in January!
  16. 20.12.2012 00:00 Aalto course Observation, Decision and the Brain in Economics or Cinematics begins in January
  17. 14.12.2012 00:00 Application period for PACK-AGE - Interdiciplinary Packaging Design Project has begun
  18. 14.12.2012 00:00 Astronomical View of the World - register now!
  19. 31.10.2012 00:00 Apply for Asian Studies Programme 2013 by November 11th
  20. 12.10.2012 00:00 Apply now for Aalto internal mobility courses