Special course on Climate Change in period V

What are the scientific foundations of climate change? How will climate change affect the society and work life in future? What should I know about climate change? What could I do about it?

If these questions interest you, welcome to a special course on climate change:

CLIMATE.NOW – Basics of climate change and implications on technology and business (5 ECTS or 2 ECTS)

The multidisciplinary course will assess the scientific foundations of climate change, its effects, mitigation and adaptation to the change. We will consider how climate change will affect the society in the future and ponder how everyone can be a part of transformation to low-carbon sustainable society. The course is based on new, open climate change learning material Climate.Now, developed by Finnish universities and Sitra (Finnish Innovation Fund) (www.climatenow.fi). 

Lectures (in Otaniemi):

Wed 12-14 (12.4., 19.4., 26.4. and 10.5.)
Wed 12-16 (3.5. and 17.5.)

The course is listed as an Aalto-course and is open for all students of Aalto University. Students from all schools (arts, engineering and business), from candidate level to doctoral students are welcome to the course! The course can be taken as 5 credits or 2 credits version, of which smaller 2-credit version can be done fully remotely.

More info: https://mycourses.aalto.fi/course/view.php?id=15620

The course is also open via Aalto Open University.