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When you return from the exchange, you will need to transfer the credits completed on exchange into your degree at Aalto. You will also need to submit a report on your exchange experience and possibly other documents, depending on your exchange programme.

Post-exchange documents and credit transfer

Below you can find detailed information on the post-exchange requirements of your School.

 School of Arts, Design and Architecture

ARTS Student Exchange Satisfaction Survey

Fill in and submit the ARTS Student Exchange Satisfaction Survey. The link will be emailed to you at the end of your exchange.

ARTS Student Exchange Report

Fill in and submit the online ARTS Student Exchange Report in the ARTS Study Abroad portal. Reply carefully to the questionnaire, because it gives valuable information on the destination and studies at the host institution for future applicants and exhange students. All reports will be published in the ARTS Destination Database.

After Exchange Form

  • Attach the official transcript of records which you received from your host institution to the After Exchange Form in the ARTS Study Abroad portal.
    • Erasmus+ participants have to also attach the below mentioned Erasmus+ exchange documents .
  • After you have received the documents from your exchange destination scan them (in PDf format, size max. 2 MB/document) and attach them to the After Exchange Form in the portal.
  • You cannot submit the form until you have received all the documents below.
  • Incomplete After Exchange Form will be returned to student.
  • Do not send the documents by email/mail.

Erasmus+ documents

Erasmus+ participants also have to return the following documents.

  • Attach your Erasmus+ learning agreement to the After Exchange form in the portal (see above).
    • If your original study plan changed, you must also submit the Erasmus+ Learning agreement's Changes page!
    • The documents need to be signed by all 3 parties.
    • Incomplete learning agreement will be returned to the student.
  • Attach your Letter of Confirmation (or other certificate) of your actual exchange dates.
    • Letter of Confirmation is required only if the dates are not included in your transcript.
    • Do NOT attach acceptance letter / letter of attendance received in the beginning of the exchange for this purpose.
  • Complete the second part of Erasmus+ OLS Language Assessment, if your result from the first part was lower than C2. The link to the test is sent automatically according to the end date of your exchange.

  • Fill in EU Survey. This online feedback form is sent automatically by Commission to all Erasmus+ students after the exchange.

Credit transfer

In order to get the credits which you completed abroad during your exchange transferred you have to fill in the online credit transfer form. For more information, see Aalto University General Guideline on Credit Transfer. All credits completed during your exchange which have been agreed with your degree programme at ARTS should be included in your current ARTS degree. After your credits have been transferred to Oodi, please notify the ARTS exchange coordinator, so that we can process the second installment of your grant.

The second installment of your exchange grant will be paid after you have returned all the above mentioned documents, and your credits have been transferred to Oodi, if you have completed required number of credits per semester during your exchange.

 School of Business

Log into the MoveOn portal to submit the documents listed below, using the After Exchange online form. You can start filling in the form and attaching the required documents as soon as you finish the exchange, but do not submit the form before you have attached all the required documents.

Travel Report

All students who have been on exchange have to write a travel report. The travel report should be returned to Student Exchange Services as soon as possible after the exchange; the deadline is within one month after the exchange semester has ended. Instructions for writing the report can be found further down on this page. You can also write the travel report together with another student on exchange at the same destination (max 2 students / travel report).

Students can substitute writing the travel report by blogging during the exchange. We expect a minimum of two posts per month on the same topics that the student would cover in the travel report. In addition students can blog about any other topics that might be interesting to fellow students. Links to the blogs will be published in Into. If you are interested in blogging while on exchange, please contact

Transcript of records from the host university

The exchange universities normally send the transcripts directly to Student Exchange Services and we will then forward them to the students. If we receive hardcopy transcripts they will be sent automatically to the address student has in Weboodi -  please make sure your address is up-to-date in the system! In case the transcript is sent directly to your home from your exchange university, please upload a copy of it to the After Exchange form. The electronic transcripts of records are official only in their digital form and not as paper-printed copies. Check from your exchange university whether transcripts are sent automatically or do you have to order them separately. If your exchange transcript is available for us in the university system, please let us know.

Transfer of credits completed on exchange (changes 1 January 2020 onwards)

The School of Business will start using Aalto wide online application for credit transfer process in exchange studies 1 January 2020 onwards. From student perspective this means that from now on students will have to actively apply for credit transfer after exchange in order to get the credits to Aalto register. The online form can be found here.

NB! For the present, students in Global Management program fill out a paper document for credit transfer. When the transcript arrives, the studies will be checked at Student Exchange Services for scholarship payment. Instructions on credit transfer will be given by CEMS Office.

Exchange studies cannot be transferred into the Aalto degree until we have received an official transcript from the host institution. Getting the transcript may take several months, so please take this into account especially if you plan on graduating immediately after the exchange. Additionally, the personal study plan must be up to date and approved by your study coordinator.All the courses transferred from exchange will be recorded separately onto your Aalto transcript, i.e. the names of the courses completed while on exchange will be visible. Exchange studies will be graded with pass/fail. 

The following exceptions apply:

  • If you want to use a course completed on exchange to directly substitute a course in the Aalto study programme, or otherwise include exchange courses in the study programme (outside the International Study Module), you will have to supplement the International Study Module with other courses to complete the required scope (min. 24/30 ECTS). Please contact for instructions on how to supplement the International Study Module.
  • If you have not been able to complete the required number of credits on exchange, you will have to take supplementary courses to complete the International Study Module's minimum scope (24/30 ECTS). Supplementing the international study module is meant only for special cases (if you get ill while on exchange or fail a course despite your best efforts). the International Study Module should primarily be completed on exchange. Supplementary courses can be English-taught internationally oriented courses completed in Aalto University or language courses with min. B1 level. Supplementary course can also be internship completed abroad if the credits have been transferred to student's degree already and it fulfills other requirements. Courses completed at Universities of Applied Sciences cannot be used as supplementary course, except the language courses included to the cooperation agreement of Aalto University, Haaga-Helia, Laurea, Metropolia and Asia Network (min B1 level courses).
  • If you complete less than 18 ECTS credits on exchange, the International Study Module cannot be formed into your Aalto degree. This means that you will have to select another minor to your the degree. The second part of the scholarship will not be paid and, depending on the reason for the low number of credits, you may have to refund also the first part of the scholarship either partly or in full. You can try to have the exchange study credits transferred through to the usual credit transfer procedure.

Feedback survey

Link to the Aalto University School of Business electronic feedback survey will be sent to all students after the exchange. All students who have been on exchange are required to answer the feedback survey. The feedback collected from students is extremely valuable to the Student Exchange Services. Through the survey we collect data on the academic level as well as the level of services at partner universities. It's also important for us to hear of the possible problems and challenges our students have faced at each university. The feedback from our students is essential in developing the partner university network.

Erasmus+ students

  • Erasmus Letter of Confirmation

Students who have been on Erasmus+ exchange have to submit the Erasmus Letter of Confirmation after their exchange, complete with the starting and ending dates of the exchange. The minimum length of Erasmus exchange is 3 months. The Letter of Confirmation must be signed by the coordinator of the exchange university and returned to the Student Exchange Services upon returning to Finland. Erasmus+ countries include all EU-countries as well as Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey and Macedonia.

  • Signed Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement form with possible changes (signatures of the host university included) has to be returned to Student Exchange Services after returning to Finland.

  • Erasmus+ OLS Language Assessment

 All students going on exchange through the Erasmus+ programme must complete an online language test before and after the exchange. The test is a mandatory part of the Erasmus+ programme. The link to the test is sent to students before the exchange, and the second test will be sent automatically according to the defined ending date of the exchange. Both tests have to be completed before the second part of the scholarship can be paid.

  • EU Survey / Participant report. Students on Erasmus+ exchange have to fill out the EU Survey after the exchange. This is an electronic feedback form which is sent automatically by the European Commission to all Erasmus+ students after the exchange.

 Schools of technology (CHEM, ELEC, ENG, SCI)

Log into the MoveOn portal to submit the documents listed below, using the After Exchange online form. You can start filling in the form and attaching the required documents as soon as you finish the exchange, but do not submit the form before you have attached ALL the required documents. The documents are listed below. After submitting the form, remember to inform the exchange coordinator of your own Aalto school by email that you have completed the process.

Documents you need to submit after the exchange

All students returning from exchange must submit the following

  • Original transcript of records from exchange university
  • Aalto University transcript of records showing the courses transferred from exchange university
  • Exchange report (instructions below)

In addition to the documents listed above, students who have been on Erasmus+ exchange must also

  • Submit the Letter of Confirmation completed and signed by the coordinator of the exchange university, stating the duration, i.e. starting and ending dates of your exchange

  • Submit the Learning Agreement (pdf) / Learning Agreement (docx) with signature also from the of exchange unviersity representative

  • Answer the European Commission's Erasmus Participant Report survey. An invitation is sent to you by email at the end of your exchange.

  • Complete the second part of the OLS language test (if the result from the first test was lower than C2). An invitation is sent by email at the end of your exchange. 

Transfer of credits

To transfer the credits you completed on exchange into your Aalto degree, please follow the general Aalto University guidelines of credit transfer.

Guidelines and application forms for credit transfer

You will need to show the exchange university's original transcript of records to your degree programme's planning officer or coordinator for credit transfer. You will also be asked to provide course descriptions of the courses you took at the exchange university, e.g. copies from the study guide, print-outs from the course portal etc. You should provide detailed descriptions of the course contents. You may also need to update your HOPS (personal study plan) before the credit transfer can be done. The credits will be registered into the Aalto student register as soon as possible.

The second part of your exchange scolarship will be paid after you have submitted all the required documents and completed the credit transfer, proving that you have completed at least the minimum credit requirement (20 ECTS/semester) on exchange.

Exchange report

  • Submitting the exchange report is one of the requirements for receiving the second part of the Aalto scholarship in all schools. The instructions on writing an exchange report don't apply to ARTS students, because ARTS students have to fill in the online exchange report instead.
  • Submit the report as a pdf file, max. size 2 MB.
  • Write the exchange report within a month after your period at the exchange university has ended.
  • The exchange report should be preferably written in English, but Finnish and Swedish can also be used.
  • Mention in the report your degree programme in Aalto, the name of your exchange university as well as the exchange semester.
  • The length should be min. 2500 words + possible pictures. The reports are published at Aalto University’s Destination Database.
  • The content is public so if you don't want the report to be found by your name in Google search, please specify the report only with your student number. In addition, remember to check that the pdf file does not save your author information, see instructions (pdf).

  • Please don't mention other people by name in the report.

 Discuss these topics in your exchange report
  • Preparing for the exchange
    • What documents you needed to send to the host university, how long did it take to obtain a visa (if needed) etc.
    • Traveling to the host university, reception, welcome week or orientation
    • Possible challenges, if any
  • General information on studying
    • Starting and ending dates of terms (including possible orientation and exam period)
    • General information about courses
    • Were there enough courses offered?
    • What courses and at what level (e.g. undergraduate/graduate) is it possible to take? In which program did you study?
    • How freely can courses be selected? Is it compulsory to follow a certain program?
    • In which languages are courses offered?
  • For every course that you took write down shortly the following
    • Course name and code, level (e.g. undergraduate/graduate) as well as extent (credits)
    • Teaching and examination method (exam, case study, essay…)
    • Content
    • Your evaluation of the usefulness of the course
    • Other positive or negative comments regarding the course
  • Freetime and other information
    • Cost of living: possible school fees, books, accommodation, food, and other expenses
    • Getting to know other students and free time
    • General information for the local area, weather, cultural differences
    • Traveling in the host country
    • Useful tips, good to know
  • Final comments
    • Would you recommend the university to other students? Please give your reasons for the answer.
    • Is there anything you would do differently if you were going to the same university for another exchange?
    • What did you learn during your exchange?
    • What did you learn about yourself during the exchange?
  • Include at least one photograph from the exchange into the report

The purpose of the report is to provide information for other students who are going on an exchange in the same university, and for those who are still considering to go on exchange and are comparing different universities and countries. The last two questions are intended to guide you towards self-evaluation and reflection.

Scholarship's second payment

  • After you have completed the post-exchange obligations and your credits have been transferred, Aalto University can pay the second installment of your exchange scholarship.
  • If you have not completed the obligations or have failed to comply with the requirements set for your exchange (such as not completing enough credits), send a written explanation of the situation and of the reasons that lead to it by email to the exchange coordinator of your School.
  • If you don't have a valid reason for failing to comply with the exchange requirements, or if the number of completed credits is considerably below the requirement, the second instalment of the exchnage scholarship may not be paid to you in full or at all. If the number of achieved credits is very low, you may be required to reimburse the first installment of the exchange scholarship partially or in ful.
  • BIZ students: If the student is required to supplement the International Study Module, the supplementary studies have to be confirmed before the second part can be paid.
  • Please note that scholarships are paid only twice per month and payroll services require the payment information well in advance. Therefore it may take some time before you receive the second payment.

Prepare for a re-entry shock

Returning home after the exchange period may feel strange. The so-called re-entry shock may feel more  unexpected than the culture shock you possibly have experienced during your exchange. The re-entry shock may be even stronger than the culture shock you had.

Re-settling into the old environment will take some time. You may feel that you changed during the period abroad, gained new experiences and made new friends, but life home has stayed the same – or it may have changed as well. Try to prepare for the return by thinking of what lies ahead.

Studying abroad is a unique experience that broadens your horizons. Returning home after your exchange is not the end or your internationalisation, it is just the beginning.

Share your experience and stay global

  • Take part in re-entry oriention of Aalto University.
  • Take part in info sessions given by Aalto staff on exchange studies; inspire other Aalto students to go on exchange.
  • Be active and participate in international student tutoring organized by your student organization;  maintain your international lifestyle at Aalto.
  • Continue learning the language at Language Centre courses.
  • You have gained important skills appreciated by the employers - update your CV to match your experience.
  • Don't forget the dream that came true, continue to live it after your return.