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China is a key market for Finnish business, and Chinese businesses are continually expanding their operations in Finland. Leading companies of different fields are looking to recruit employees with knowledge of Chinese language and culture. Persons with proficiency in Chinese have good opportunities for employment in business life.

Contact Teacher 

Jinhua Cheng

International students are asked to consult the Contact Teacher about the possibilities to study Chinese. 

Courses 2020 - 2022

  • All Chinese courses are open to all Aalto students. You should take the courses in numerical order.
  • Please note that the course LC-9000 Introduction to Chinese Culture is a culture-themed course, not a language course and therefore does not require any prior Chinese studies.
  • The courses fulfilling the foreign language requirements set for the degrees in technology have been marked with (o) = oral skills (w) = written skills or (o, w) for both.

Chinese makeup examination

Please write an e-mail requesting a makeup test to your course teacher.

Which Chinese course should I register?

The previous Chinese course I have completed

My next Chinese course

No previous Chinese studies →LC-9010 Chinese 1, 3 cr
LC-9111 Basic Chinese for Professional Needs 1, 3 cr →LC-9020 Chinese 2, 3 cr

LC-9112 Chinese for Professional Needs 2, 3 cr →

LC-9030 Chinese 3, 3 cr
LC-9113 Chinese for Professional Needs 3, 4 cr → LC-9040 Chinese 4, 3 cr
LC-9114 Chinese for Professional Needs 4, 4 cr → LC-9050 Chinese 5 (o,w), 3 cr
LC-9115 Chinese for Professional Needs 5 (o,w), 3 cr → LC-9060 Chinese 6 Speaking and Writing in the Workplace (o,w), 3 cr
LC-9150 HSK Test Prep Course, 2 cr → LC-9080 Chinese 8 HSK 4-6 Training Course (o,w), 3 cr
LC-9121 Chinese Characters 1, 2 cr → LC-9021 Chinese Characters 2 (online course), 2 cr
LC-9122 Chinese Characters 2, 2 cr → LC-9031 Chinese Characters 3 (online course), 2 cr
LC-9123 Chinese Characters 3, 2 cr → LC-9041 Chinese Characters 4 (online course), 2 cr
LC-9124 Chinese Characters 4, 2 cr →LC-9051 Chinese Characters 5 (online course), 2 cr