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Bachelor of Science (Economics and Business Administration)

For a B.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Admin.) 18 credits of language and communication studies are compulsory as follows:

  • Swedish Business Communication 1 3 cr
  • Business Communication Skills (teaching organised by the Department of Management) 3 cr
  • Communicating in a foreign language (does not include Corporate Communication in English) 6 cr
  • Elective studies 6 cr: the six credits of electives may be divided between two different language studies, thus students may use the electives to supplement previously attained credits in Swedish, English or another foreign language. Alternatively, elective studies may also be taken in a third foreign language.

Bachelor of Science in Technology

The following language and communication studies are compulsory for a B.Sc. (Tech.) degree:

  • Oral and written communication studies in the student’s language of education are integrated in with the Bachelor’s thesis seminar.
    • If the student has not completed the oral and written communication studies before their Architecture or Landscape Architecture studies, he/she must complete LCA-7000, ‘‘Write and speak confidently”.
  • Second national language of Finland, 2 cr
    • Students of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture take a 3-credit version of the course.
  • Foreign language, 3 cr.

Bachelor of Arts

The following languages and communication studies are compulsory for a Bachelor of Arts (Art and Design) degree: