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For Aalto studentsIf you're a student coming from another university to Aalto, please see the pages for Incoming exchange students

In the working life of today and tomorrow, everyone needs global competence and language skills. It is best to acquire strong international experience while studying. A great way to do this is international student exchange. As a student of Aalto, you have wonderful opportunities to study in top universities around the world.

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Why you should choose exchange studies

  • You will get stellar career and life skills.
  • You can study new, exciting courses. You will also experience a new academic culture from the inside.
  • New environment, experiences and friends also bring new ideas. Many career plans have clarified in student exchange.
  • After the exchange it will be easier to seize international opportunities.
  • It is easy to go on exchange. You will get a grant and support in each phase.
  • You will get first-hand, in-depth experience of another culture.
  • Exchange studies are an investment in your future. 
  • It can also be an experience of a lifetime.

Exchange studies will build your

  • practical language skills
  • communication and interaction skills
  • ability to adapt to new surroundings
  • courage to take on new challenges
  • international networks
  • global perspective to your field of study
  • multicultural team work skills
  • cultural understanding
  • problem solving skills
  • knowledge of your own strenghts
  • global responsibility
  • other intellectual and cultural capital.

The goals of exchange studies at Aalto

  • personal growth – including academic and ethical growth
  • developing intercultural and international competencies
  • being ready for a career in the increasingly international working life
  • fluency in a foreign language.

(applied from M. Steinberg in Bolen et al. 2007)

Accessible exchange studies 

Exchange studies are for everyone. You can go on exchange even if you have a disability, including learning disability. If you have special needs in exchange, you might be entitled to accessibility support. Read more in Funding.