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FITech – For future tech talents

Aalto University is part of the network university FITech. Finnish Institute of Technology creates the future of technology: it develops innovation capabilities in Finland and so improves our competitive advantage on the global markets. The FITech innovation community in Turku creates new cooperation models, bringing companies, universities, and students together. FITech provides a comprehensive view to studies in all Finnish universities of technology and to cooperation with the companies in the area. All Finland’s universities with engineering education as founders.

Join us to study technology in a new way!

The FITech network university provides studies at all Finnish universities of technology as a one-stop shop. You can also update or complement your current degree.

FITech makes studying flexible: programmes for Master of Science in technology, minor studies, as well as different courses and projects together with companies.

Thanks to the university’s close cooperation with businesses, you will be in close contact with companies and working life. Many of the studies can be taken while working. Companies short of engineers in the region provide excellent opportunities to find a meaningful job in Southwest Finland, where you can enjoy a high quality of life, close to the nature.

Studies in another FITech university

Degree students at Aalto University also have the possibility to study at another FITech university. FITech universities are Aalto University, LUT University, Tampere University, University of Vaasa, University of Oulu, University of Turku and Åbo Akademi.

FITech provides students the opportunity to include courses from other universities into their degrees.

Courses for fall 2019 are now available

FITech offers a lot of minor studies and courses in fall 2019 and also spring 2020.

If you are wondering what to study next year, have you considered FITech? There are lot of options to study online.

Check out the courses and apply now at FITech's website.

Course registration and admission

The courses are arranged and scheduled in ways that make participating as easy as possible. Some of the FITech courses are arranged as a distance learning or they will include an intensive period in the coordinating university.

Registration for these courses is done via JOOPAS system.


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For more information on FITech courses see our website.