Language skills are key. Japan is Finland’s second-most important trade partner in Asia. The key to this country—often thought of as foreign, distant, and challenging—is the Japanese language. As Japanese people are not always fluent in English, knowledge of Japanese is essential for succeeding in the Japanese market. Language proficiency is also crucial in developing and participating in Finnish–Japanese collaboration in the sectors of higher education, science and technology.

Innovation through language learning. The study of Japanese—with its differences from western systems of grammar, expressions and writing—develops the capacity to think different, with more flexibility, regardless of one’s field.

Even a little proficiency goes a long way. The study of Japanese also opens the doors to the country’s culture, values and way of thinking. Cultural sensitivity is in many cases more important than having perfect language skills.

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Tytti Tuomi

Teaching 2020–2021

LC-3310 Japanese 1, 3 cr
LC-3320 Japanese 2, 3 cr
LC-3330 Japanese 3, 3 cr
LC-3340 Japanese 4, 3 cr