The KiVAKO project (2018–2020) aims at building virtual language study paths for higher education students. The focus is particularly on languages that are necessary but less commonly studied in Finland. The goal is thus to strengthen Finland’s linguistic capital through higher education.

Entirely virtual language courses will be offered in the autumn of 2020, including Chinese, Portuguese and multilingual UniTandem courses with English as the support language. These pilot courses are offered by the KiVAKO project, which involves 25 Finnish universities and universities of applied  sciences and is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The studies take place on the Moodle platform of the DigiCampus project.

30 places are available on each pilot course. Students from each participating school are reserved a place in each pilot course. To fill surplus places, a draw is made among those who enrolled.

Course enrolment: from 31 August to 6 September 2020 (UniTandem: from 17 August to 13 September 2020). Further information on the courses and enrolment will be available on the websites of the participating schools and on the DigiCampus Moodle platform toward the end of August. 

Please find out more and enroll in the autumn!