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Studies at other Aalto school

As an Aalto University degree student you can complete studies also outside your own field of study. Some of the studies require an application while other studies are open for all Aalto students. You can complete either individual courses or a minor outside your own field of study, see:

Studies in another Finnish university

Degree students at Aalto University also have the possibility to study at another Finnish university.

The Flexible Study Rights Agreement (JOO) is a national agreement between universities, which provides students of Finnish universities the opportunity to include courses from other universities into their degrees. For more information, consult JOO-online (opens in a new tab) .

Other network studies

 FITech network university

Aalto University is a part of FITech network university. It enables Aalto students to study single courses or minors in the other universities of the network. FITech study offering consists of network universities’ selected courses from areas such as project management, energy technology and information technology. All studies are free of charge and many courses can be completed entirely or partially online.

Take a look at our studies and apply for the courses at

 Co-op Net­work Studies

Co-op Network Studies (CNS) is a network established by a group of ten universities. Teaching within the framework of the network is developed, produced and coordinated by the Ruralia Institute of the University of Helsinki together with the other participating universities. The university network was established in 2005 and offers multidisciplinary, web-based minor subject courses and modules related to the co-operative sector and social economy. Moreover, the CNS coordination unit is actively involved in developing and investigating matters affecting the co-operative sector in cooperation with partners. The studies receive support and funding from Finnish co-operatives and mutual companies through the Finnish Co-operative Advisory Board, the Pellervo Society and the University of Helsinki.

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 UniPID – Finnish University Partnership for International Development

UniPID – Finnish University Partnership for International Development – is a network of Finnish universities, supporting universities' global responsibility objectives. UniPID aims to strengthen and advance the interdisciplinary education, research and universities' societal impact on global development. UniPID’s main activities supporting education related to global development include virtual studies on sustainable development, supporting the training of Finnish doctoral students in development studies, and awarding a yearly master’s award in development studies. UniPID supports research cooperation and researchers' networking in Finland and with international partners. Through UniPID, the member universities also participate in the national and international research and development policy dialogues. UniPID aims to enhance the importance of higher education and research in development cooperation and impact the national and international research agenda and funding priorities on global challenges.

UniPID coordinates a multidisciplinary Virtual Studies programme in international sustainable development. The programme is comprised of a collection of online courses, each worth 5 ECTS, offered for free to all Member University students, and suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Students can also complete a Sustainability in Development minor of 25 ECTS. Courses are offered through an easy and accessible virtual platform. The virtual course catalogue and registration on UniPID website (opens in a new tab):

 University Network for Asian Studies

The Finnish University Network for Asian Studies was established in 1996 and it has provided e-learning courses on Asia since 1999.

The goal of the Network is to complement and strengthen teaching, doctoral education and expert activities on Asia in the Network’s member universities. In addition, it aims to  promote multidisciplinary cooperation and distribution of work among the universities in the Network. The Network also promotes international cooperation in particular with universities in the Asian region.

The Asia Network arranges online courses on Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level. In addition, it organises annually Asian Studies Days, which provide a national platform for discussions and networking in Asian studies. During the Asian Studies Days, the Network presents Asian Studies Master’s Award to the author of an outstanding Master’s thesis, and publishes the annually updated catalogue “Academic Research Projects on Asia in Finland”.

The Network actively disseminates information related to Asian studies and research for example via asianet-mailing list and social media. The Network also takes part in the discussions on science and education policy with regard to Asia. For more information, see (opens in a new tab):