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Studies at other Aalto school

As an Aalto University degree student you can complete studies also outside your own field of study. Some of the studies require an application while other studies are open for all Aalto students. You can complete either individual courses or a minor outside your own field of study, see:

 Courses at ARTS which are available to all Aalto students

The course names listed here are in English, please check the teaching language at Sisu/Courses.

Please, check before you registrate to course you have required prerequisites.


ARTS-A0302 Colour and Perception
ARTS-A0404 Ways of Making 1 - Mold making & casting techniques
ARTS-A0407 Digital Sculpture 3 - Programming for sculptors
ARTS-A0411 Ways of Making 2 - Constructing sculpture with wood and metal
ARTS-A0412 Digital Sculpture 1 - 3D Modelling for Sculpture
ARTS-A0413 Metal Casting 101
ARTS-A0414 Synths & Amps
ARTS-A0608 General Studies Courses with Varying Contents
ARTS-A0612 Nykytaiteen historia
ARTS-A0701 Digital Art 1 - programming for visual artists
ARTS-E0301 Colour - Light - Space
ARTS-E0603 Seminar of Environmental Thinking, Aesthetics and Art
ARTS-E0604 Global Perspectives: Re-mapping the History of Art
ARTS-E0700 The Realm of the Senses
ARTS-E0708 Sculpture Now!


ARK-C1002 Architecture in Finland and Scandinavia 3
ARK-C1007 History of Modern Architecture 1
ARK-C1008 History of Modern Architecture 2
ARK-C1009 History of Modern Architecture 3
ARK-C1010 History of Town Planning
ARK-C2503 Digital Storytelling
ARK-E1012 History of Finnish Architecture 1
ARK-E1013 History of Finnish Architecture 2
ARK-E1014 History of Finnish Architecture 3
ARK-E2010 Interplay of Cultures Research and Theory
ARK-E2011 Interplay of Cultures Studio
ARK-E4018 Sustainability Tools for Building Designers
MAR-A1000 Basics of Landscape Architecture 1A
MAR-A1002 Field Course of Landscape Architecture 1
MAR-C1003 Techniques and Materials of Landscape Architecture
MAR-C1012 History of Landscape Architecture
MAR-C1013 Contemporary Landscape Architecture
MAR-C1015 Basics of Landscape Architecture 2A, Landscape Analysis
MAR-C1017 Landscape and Land Use
MAR-E1000 Environmental Administration and Legislation
MAR-E1013 History of Landscape Architecture in Finland
MAR-E1014 Plants in Cultural Landscape and Old Gardens
MAR-E1037 Landscape Ecology in Planning, Studio
MAR-E1042 History of Cultural Landscape
MAR-E1047 Green Area Planning
USP-E0361 Complex Adaptive Systems
USP-E0363 Digital Urban


ELO-C1006 Film History 1
ELO-C1007 Film History 2
ELO-C1008 Film History 3
ELO-C1009 Film History 4
ELO-C1508 Observational and Interactive Documentary Film
ELO-C1509 Essay Film
ELO-C1516 Planning and Writing Documentary Films 1
ELO-C1519 Autobiographical Documentary Film
ELO-C1528 Portrait Course
ELO-C1530 History of Documentary Film 1
ELO-C2008 Story
ELO-C2009 Concrete Image
ELO-C2033 TV Drama Genre
ELO-C2034 Theory of Drama and Dramaturgy
ELO-C2506 Marketing
ELO-C2512 Scheduling and Assistant Directing
ELO-C2513 Leadership and Group Dynamics (BA)
ELO-C2515 Financing 
ELO-C2519 Legal Matters
ELO-C2520 Budgeting
ELO-C2521 Contemporary Producing (BA)
ELO-C3039 Basics in Animation Expression
ELO-C5522 Worldbuilding
ELO-C6501 Soft Materials
ELO-C6516 Patternmaking and Design
ELO-C6528 History of Clothing
ELO-E1026 Film History
ELO-E1504 Documentary film and Ethics
ELO-E1536 Genre Workshop
ELO-E1538 History of Documentary Film 2
ELO-E1539 New Trends in Documentary Film
ELO-E2044 Special courses in Screenwriting Practices and Theory
ELO-E2052 Theory and Research
ELO-E2053 Screenwriting Professional Practices
ELO-E5016 Scenography, Production and Costume Design Lectures
ELO-E5211 Sound and Scenography
ELO-E6501 Period Costume and Style
ELO-E6510 Costume and Research


DOM-E0003 Common Advanced Workshop/Project at the Department of Media
DOM-E0006 Introduction to the Department of Media
DOM-E0007 Advanced Information Retrieval
DOM-E1001 Project Studies
DOM-E1023 Discourse in Design
DOM-E1025 Optional Advanced Workshop in Visual Communication Design
DOM-E2003 Research Skills for Visual Communication Design
DOM-E2106 Introduction to Information Design
DOM-E2112 Creative Computation for Visual Communication
DOM-E2113 Design and Data
DOM-E2114 Design for Motion
DOM-E2212 Visual Narrative in Design
DOM-E2214 Design as Writing
DOM-E2216 Contemporary Graphic Design
DOM-E2217 Critique of Typographic Tradition
DOM-E2218 Studio: Information
DOM-E2219 Studio: Type and Written Language
DOM-E2220 Studio: Self-Organized Publishing
DOM-E2221 Studio: Visual Narratives
DOM-E3030 Clinics
DOM-E3037 Working Life Skills
DOM-E3040 Writing Artist
DOM-E3041 Study Journal
DOM-E3045 Photography Theory
DOM-E3046 History of Contemporary Photography
DOM-E3047 Research Skills with Focus on Photography
DOM-E3048 Photobook Design and Production
DOM-E3049 Documentary Projects
DOM-E3050 Experimental Studio
DOM-E3051 Moving Image
DOM-E3053 Workshop by a Visiting Teacher
DOM-E3054 Process Workshop
DOM-E3055 Thematic Workshop
DOM-E5014 3D Animation
DOM-E5027 Advanced Rendering/3D Techniques
DOM-E5029 Introduction to 3D Animation
DOM-E5055 Motion Capture vs Animation
DOM-E5069 Introduction to Western Classical Music
DOM-E5082 Playability Evaluation
DOM-E5083 Game Analysis
DOM-E5090 Games Now! Workshop 1
DOM-E5098 Game Jam
DOM-E5105 Pre-Vis and 3D Work Workshop
DOM-E5111 Interaction Design Course
DOM-E5124 Alive Dead Media
DOM-E5130 Quantum Games
DOM-E5133 Game Design Basics Workshop
DOM-E5134 Advanced Topics in Game Design
DOM-E5135 Game Project
DOM-E5137 The Game of History
DOM-E5138 Games Now!
DOM-E5139 Games Now! Production Team
DOM-E5141 Intelligent Computational Media
DOM-E5149 Systems of Representation: Culture Lab
DOM-E5150 Archaeology of Media Infrastructures
DOM-E5151 Media and the Environment
DOM-E5155 Digital Fabrication I
DOM-E5156 Digital Fabrication II
DOM-E5157 Digital Fabrication III
DOM-E5158 Digital Fabrication Studio
DOM-E5161 Introduction to Virtual Reality
DOM-E5162 Coding Virtual Worlds
DOM-E5163 Independent Study in VR


MUO-E1026 Design Driven Foresight
MUO-E1043 Sustainable Fashion and Textile Design
MUO-E1048 Experimental Textile Design
MUO-E1051 Wearable Technology and Functional Wear
MUO-E0101 CHEMARTS summerschool 2.0
MUO-E3024 User Inspired Design Knowing L
MUO-E3025 User Inspired Design Making
MUO-E8012 Design for Government
MUO-E8017 Eco-auditing
MUO-E8021 Participatory Methods and Facilitation Skills
MUO-E8023 Values in Design Futures
MUO-E8031 Sustainability Transitions and Futures
MUO-C0006 History of Innovations and Design
MUO-C1035 History of Fashion
MUO-C3006 Basics of Service Design
MUO-C3016 Industrial Manufacturing Technologies and Materials
MUO-C3022 Studio Glass Processes and Techniques
MUO-C3025 Model Making
MUO-C3027 Users and Interaction


TAI-E3113 Authorship and Agency
TAI-E3147 Theory for Curatorial Thinking & Mediation
TAI-E3148 Curating in the Live 1
TAI-E3149 Trans-Institutional Experiments and Collaborations
TAI-E3150 Questions of Labor in the Expanded Field of Art & Curating
TAI-E3151 Science Fiction Matters
TAI-E3152 Studio as Laboratory/Laboratory as Studio
TAI-E3153 Art and Science
TAI-E3154 Philosophy and Theory of Art 1
TAI-E3155 Philosophy and Theory of Art 2
TAI-E3156 Approaches to Writing
TAI-E3158 Experiments in Situation & Contextuality
TAI-E3159 Ecology in Theory, Practice & Everyday Life 1
TAI-E3160 Ecology in Theory, Practice & Everyday Life 2
TAI-E3161 Field Ecology Intensive
TAI-E3162 Studio 1
TAI-E3163 Studio 2
TAI-E3164 Studio 3
TAI-E3165 Study Project
TAI-E3166 Project
TAI-E4018 Art Pedagogical Practices and Theories
TAI-E4028 Art, Education and Entrepreneurship
TAI-E4029 Learning Lab

Studies in another Finnish university

Degree students at Aalto University also have the possibility to study at another Finnish university.

The Flexible Study Rights Agreement (JOO) is a national agreement between universities, which provides students of Finnish universities the opportunity to include courses from other universities into their degrees. For more information, consult JOO-online (opens in a new tab).

Other network studies

 FITech network university

Aalto University is a part of FITech network university. It enables Aalto students to study single courses or minors in the other universities of the network. FITech study offering consists of network universities’ selected courses from areas such as project management, energy technology and information technology. All studies are free of charge and many courses can be completed entirely or partially online.

Take a look at our studies and apply for the courses at

 Co-op Net­work Studies

Co-op Network Studies (CNS) is a network established by a group of ten universities. Teaching within the framework of the network is developed, produced and coordinated by the Ruralia Institute of the University of Helsinki together with the other participating universities. The university network was established in 2005 and offers multidisciplinary, web-based minor subject courses and modules related to the co-operative sector and social economy. Moreover, the CNS coordination unit is actively involved in developing and investigating matters affecting the co-operative sector in cooperation with partners. The studies receive support and funding from Finnish co-operatives and mutual companies through the Finnish Co-operative Advisory Board, the Pellervo Society and the University of Helsinki.

Read more >>  (

 UniPID – Finnish University Partnership for International Development

UniPID – Finnish University Partnership for International Development – is a network of Finnish universities, supporting universities' global responsibility objectives. UniPID aims to strengthen and advance the interdisciplinary education, research and universities' societal impact on global development. UniPID’s main activities supporting education related to global development include virtual studies on sustainable development, supporting the training of Finnish doctoral students in development studies, and awarding a yearly master’s award in development studies. UniPID supports research cooperation and researchers' networking in Finland and with international partners. Through UniPID, the member universities also participate in the national and international research and development policy dialogues. UniPID aims to enhance the importance of higher education and research in development cooperation and impact the national and international research agenda and funding priorities on global challenges.

UniPID coordinates a multidisciplinary Virtual Studies programme in international sustainable development. The programme is comprised of a collection of online courses, each worth 5 ECTS, offered for free to all Member University students, and suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Students can also complete a Sustainability in Development minor of 25 ECTS. Courses are offered through an easy and accessible virtual platform. The virtual course catalogue and registration on UniPID website (opens in a new tab):

 Hilma – Network for Gender Studies

Since the beginning of 2021, Aalto University has been a member of National Gender Studies Network Hilma. The main purpose of the National Gender Studies Network is to organize online-courses for degree students (both on BA/BSc and MA/MSc levels).

All Aalto University students have access to Hilma courses. All the courses are organized online. Questions of gender, race, intersectionality and equality lie at the heart of the courses of the network. The English language course offering is available at

The Hilma network is coordinated by the University of Helsinki. Other members are University of Arts, University of Eastern Finland, University of Jyväskylä, University of Lapland, Tampere University, University of Turku, University of Oulu, and Åbo Akademi.