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Aalto University offers summer studies in all its fields: business, art and technology. Language studies are also offered.

Summer period is May through August. Offering in summer is updated in this page during March-April.

This page gathers the summer courses that Aalto and other providers provide to Aalto degree students. If you are not a degree student in Aalto, please find offering for you in Open University and in Aalto Summer page (

If you are an attending degree student at Aalto University, it is possible for you to complete some Aalto University Open University summer courses for free of charge. There are limited amount of free places for some of the Open University summer courses.

The registration for the courses without the fee starting early summer will begin on 13.4. at 12.00 at WebOodi. The registration for the courses without the fee starting late summer will begin on 2.6. at 12.00. The non-fee courses are listed on this page. You can see the Open University summer course offerings on whole in the Open University web pages.

Courses starting in early summer

CodeNameLanguageTime (teaching)Offered by
A61C01000Management CommunicationEnglish3.5.-10.6.Open University
A21A00410Yritysvastuu ja -etiikkaEnglish3.5.-19.5.Open University
A21A00110Johtamisen perusteetFinnish4.5.-15.6.Open University
AMNGT-E2002International Growth strategyEnglish5.5.-27.5Open University
AMNGT-A4003Työelämän viestintä- ja vuorovaikutustaidotFinnish7.5.-12.6.Open University
A25C00100Entrepreneurship and Innovation ManagementEnglish8.5-12.6Open University
A22A00110Laskentatoimen perusteet, etäopetusFinnish10.5.-23.8.,luento-opetuksessa tauko 15.6-15.8Open University
A22C00100Kirjanpito, etäopetusFinnish11.5.-24.8., luento-opetuksessa tauko 16.6.-16.8.Open University
ALC-6310Saksa 1Finnish, German11.5.-17.6.Open University
A22E00100Financial Statement Analysis online courseEnglish17.5.-24.6.Open University
ALC-2310Espanja 1Finnish and Spanish17.5-4.6.Open University
A23C72050Customer Experience ManagementEnglish18.5.-24.6.Open University
A23E10000Service Business StrategyEnglish24.5.-2.7.Open University
A26E03600Introduction to Management and International Business EnglishOnline book exam 15.6.2021 at 16-20Open University
ELEC-E7410Communication transmission linesEnglish24.05. -23.06.21ELEC
ELEC-D0301Protopaja Finnish31.05. -31.08.21ELEC
ELEC-A7100Basic Course in C programmingEnglish01.06. - 31.08.21ELEC
ELEC-A7200Signaalit ja järjestelmätFinnish07.06. -31.08.21ELEC
JOIN.kandBachelor's Thesis and Seminar (Summer Course in the Field of Technology)Finnish07.06.-31.08.21
ELEC-E9550Magnetism and applicationsEnglish07.06. -29.06.21ELEC
COM-EV5G Hack the MallEnglish07.06. -18.06.21ELEC
TU-C2090Starting UpEnglish7.9.20–30.7.21SCI
CS-AJ0100FITech 101: Blockchain Business ApplicationsEnglish26.10.20–31.7.21SCI
JOIN.bscBachelor's Thesis and SeminarEnglish7.6.–31.8.21
CS-C2160Theory of Computation summer examEnglish15.6.21 at 16–19SCI
CS-A1111Ohjelmoinnin peruskurssi Y1Finnish1.6.–18.8.2021SCI

Todennäköisyyslaskennan ja tilastotieteen peruskurssi




23.6., 17.8.


Matriisilaskenta (SCI)





CS-A1140Data Structures and AlgorithmsEnglish1.6.–31.8.21SCI
TU-C1030Laskelmat liiketoiminnan päätösten tukenaFinnish10.5. - 31.8.21SCI
TU-CV0001KesäbuustiFinnish18.05. -29.06.21SCI
TU-EV0001Advanced Personal LeadershipEnglish31.05. - 31.07.2021SCI
TU-EV0002Leadership TheoryFinnish, English03.06.- 19.08.2021SCI
TU-EV0003Interaction on Enterprise Social Media (ESM) Platforms — Integrating Theory and PracticeEnglish17.08.21 -31.08.21SCI
TU-E2210Financial Engineering I English09.06.21 -15.08.21SCI
TU-EV0005Fintech and New TechnologiesEnglish09.06.-15.08.21SCI
TU-E2010Introduction to Strategic Management English07.06. -31.08.21SC
MS-C2107Sovelletun matematiikan tietokonetyötEnglish31.5.–24.6.21SCI
CS-C3170Web Software DevelopmentEnglish17.5.–31.8.21SCI

Course with Varying Content: Beginner's Python for Engineers

TU-EV0004 Institutions and How to Change Them English07.06.21 -31.08.21SCI

* You can find all exams during the summer and register for them in Oodi. Some schools have special summer exam days, when they arrange multiple exams at the same time.

Courses starting in late summer

CodeNameLanguageTime (teaching)Offered by
A23C510Integrated Marketing CommunicationsEnglish10.8.-1.9.Open University
ALC-6320Saksa 2Finnish, German10.8.-16.9.Open University
A21A00110Johtamisen perusteetFinnish16.8.-23.9.Open University
A21C00400Projektityö ja -johtaminenFinnish16.8.-2.9Open University
A21E03050Inside Work CulturesEnglishOnline assignment 16.-22.8.Open University
ALC-2320Espanja 2Finnish and Spanish16.8.-3.9.Open University
A26E03600Introduction to Management and International Business EnglishOnline book exam 24.8.2021 at 16-20Open University
LC-1090Online Preparatory English: Reading and WritingEnglish


Registration in webOodi

Language Centre
LC-1110Online Writing Skills for EngineersEnglish


Registration in webOodi

Language Centre
LC-1111Online Writing Skills for Engineers 2English


Registration in webOodi

Language Centre
LC-1112Online Presentations Skills for EngineersEnglish

2.8.-10.9.21 (4 groups)

Registration in webOodi

Language Centre
LC-1114Communicating TechnologyEnglish

4.8.-8.9.21 (on Wednesdays 09:00-12:15)

Registration in webOodi

Language Centre
LC-1350Writing Doctoral Research for Engineering and ScienceEnglish

16.8.-30.8.21 (Mon, Wed, Fri 08:30-11:45)

Registration in webOodi

Language Centre
LCA-1002Expressing your expertiseEnglish

2.8.-30.8.21 (Mon & Thu 09:00 - 12:15)

Registration in webOodi

Language Centre

Differentiaali- ja integraalilaskenta 2 (SCI)






*  You can find all exams during the summer and register for them in Oodi. Some schools have special summer exam days, when they arrange multiple exams at the same time.

Special summer exam days in SCI are are published latest on April (if you have questions, please contact exams-cs (at)

Summer Schools

Offered by Aalto University

See Aalto Summer (

Offered by others

You should seek summer schools of Aalto partner universities in their own pages. Aalto does not publish summer school advertisements, except in certain joint cases. These are announced in News and Events.

Yout home School might offer scholarships for travelling expenses for summer schools abroad. This requires that summer school studies are included in your degree. You can check the scholarship eligibility of the summer school from the exchange coordinator of your School.