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University-Wide Art Studies (UWAS) offers all Aalto students and faculty an opportunity to explore art and design based practices and processes beyond disciplinary boundaries. Its course portfolio consists of thematically focused and carefully curated courses where art and design facilitate transdisciplinary encounters between students from various backgrounds. UWAS aims to ensure that Aalto University graduates understand how art and creative practices shape and define the world around us and have a wide range of skills and capacities to engage with complex issues both locally and globally.

Students can choose from circa 30 different UWAS courses each year and need no previous knowledge or skills in the arts to attend them. Since its initiation in 2016, UWAS has offered courses on topics such as sound technology, creative writing, site-specific art and design, visual culture theory, mathematical art, and arts-based material studies. All courses are specifically planned for UWAS and scheduled so that they are available for students in every Aalto school.

For 2020-2022, UWAS courses are organized under six transdisciplinary categories:  

Anthropocene courses address issues such as global warming, sustainability, resources, and energy. They respond to and reflect on the great challenges related to our current geological era.

Actions courses deal with different aspects of making and creating in arts, design, and architecture, and explore their connections to practices in other fields.

Reflections courses offer theoretical and critical approaches to present human and non-human conditions. This might include explorations of futures and utopias, identity and identities, and global and local ecosystems.

Manifestations courses deal with communication, visualization, presentation, and representation of information, how is it applied, and how to understand its impacts.

Collaborations courses explore participatory and cooperative practices in arts, design, and architecture, and their links to other fields.

Tensions courses explore traditions, paradigms, and histories between disciplines, and how they are expressed and reflected upon today.

Registration for these courses is done via Oodi, where one can also find more information about the courses. You don't need to separately apply for a study right for these courses.

For more information on UWAS courses, see their own site (opens in a new tab).

2020 - 2022

Koodi / Kod / CodeNimi / Namn / NameECTSPeriodi / Period
UWAS-C0002On Site - Island Workshop3I
UWAS-C0048 How did we get into this mess? Exploring the Past in History, Science and Art3I
UWAS-C0051 Designing Services with Emerging Technologies3I
UWAS-C0058Film as an Emotional Artifact5I
UWAS-C0070 Night Shift3I
UWAS-C0014Spatial Structures5II
UWAS-C0025Art and Artificial Intelligence5II
UWAS-C0049 Creating Futures in Art, Science, Technology and Business3II
UWAS-C0053From Idea to Shelf: Design for the Aalto University Shop3II
UWAS-C0056Designing and Creating Virtual Worlds5II
UWAS-C0067Simulated Spaces: Online Curating Across Disciplines3II
UWAS-C0068Machines Like Us5II
UWAS-C0004Miten idea materialisoituu5III
UWAS-C0008Design Learning3III
UWAS-C0036Game Design and Production6III
UWAS-C0054Simulating the Post-Disaster5III
UWAS-C0055Design for the Posthuman Era3III
UWAS-C0057Introduction to Creativity and the Creative Process3III
UWAS-C0062Storytelling in the Time of Global Warming3III
UWAS-C0063Observing Silence3III
UWAS-C0065Movement in Art and Design3III
UWAS-C0029 Design and Culture5IV
UWAS-C0038Expanding Visualization5IV
UWAS-C0045 AV Club: Thinking and Doing Moving Images5IV
UWAS-C00503D Prototyping in Context of Creative Practice3IV
UWAS-C0059Film, Work and Anthropocene5IV
UWAS-C0066Exploring Consumerism in Contemporary Society3IV
UWAS-C0069The Right to the City3IV
UWAS-C0010UWAS Currents1-5I-V
UWAS-C0026Innovative Approach to Circular Economy5V
UWAS-C0032 Under Pressure5V
UWAS-C0052Integrated Design Thinking3V
UWAS-C0060Gender and Technology3V
UWAS-C0061Handmade and Reflected3V, Held in 2021-2022
UWAS-C0071Horses and Built Environment3V
UWAS-C0072Human-Material Interaction3V
UWAS-C0064Unavoidable Darkness3Held in 2021-2022