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Aalto University and its affiliates provide several activities, support functions and services for students.

The university has currently three main campuses, Otaniemi, Töölö and Arabianranta, where you can find the services mentioned above. In addition to these, Aalto university has a a campus in Mikkeli.

Latest news, events and calls

  1. Scholarships available for studies in Mexico, DL 28.9. 17.07.2018
  2. Att verka i universitetssamfundet -kursens pilot i I-period 29.06.2018
  3. Yhteisössä vaikuttaminen -kurssin pilotti I-periodissa 29.06.2018
  4. Introduktionsveckas program 2018 (kandidatskedet) 29.06.2018
  5. Orientaatioviikon ohjelma 2018 (kandidaattivaihe) 29.06.2018

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