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This page provides information for students on the effects of the coronavirus on teaching and studying. In addition to the practical arrangements for teaching, the links below give information to support your own well-being and ability to manage.

Information on the effects of coronavirus on activities at Aalto University are available at (if the link doesn't work, you can copy the URL and paste it into your web browser).

The general mask recommendation has been lifted in the Helsinki Area (updated 25.4.2022)

Read more on the THL website (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare,

Information on coronavirus 14 February 2022

The authorities have announced the lifting of the national and regional restrictions on gatherings. Consequently, they will no longer be in force at Aalto University. The message below contains information on campus usage this spring.

As of 14 February 2022, we will be able to use the campus for teaching, events and visits with no specific restrictions on gatherings.


In Periods IV and V, starting from 28 February 2022, teaching may be fully carried out on campus according to the previously planned timetable. Flexible teaching arrangements are nonetheless recommended, to ensure all students (risk groups included) the opportunity to participate in teaching events. Further information on the teaching arrangements at the end of Period III and Periods IV and V is available on the Aalto website

Self-study spaces and the Learning Centre will resume regular opening hours. Student association spaces, for example, may also be used. More detailed instructions on the use of guild rooms online


The Finnish Government has decided in favour of lifting the recommendation on remote work at the end of February. However, as the local authorities have the power to decide on the matter, we are waiting for their decisions. When the recommendation on remote work ends, we will gradually shift to a hybrid way of working over the spring. The staff will receive further information on this when the exact date has been decided.

Events and visitors

The restrictions on the number of event participants are lifted as of 14 February 2022. Visitors may once again be received in the normal manner. However, when events are organised, taking account of health security still remains important.

The restaurants on campus will independently publish information on any restrictions on the use of their spaces and other special arrangements. Up-to-date information on campus restaurants:

The guidelines in force are available on the Aalto website

We hope that as many members of the Aalto community as possible will get the full series of vaccines. Further information on vaccination is available for example on the websites of Helsinki and Espoo. Staff also have the opportunity to receive coronavirus vaccination from occupational health: The City of Espoo will organise vaccination days on campus in the Undergraduate Centre on 16 and 23 February, read more online

The latest information and guidelines on the effects of coronavirus on Aalto University activities are available on the website: If you do not find answers to your questions in our published material, you can email your question to

Health and well-being

Check the vaccination information of the cities in the capital region on their websites:

Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS): 

Health services in Finland

Well-being and maintaining your study condition

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