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Here you'll find information on our courses (groups, workshops and MyCourses-services) in English. If you are looking for Finnish workshops and materials click "Suomeksi".

Co-studying remotely (no enrolment needed)

SPW offers the opportunity to get-together remotely to do independent studying, utilizing Pomodoro-technic. We’ll start with a short intro and tips from the study psychologist to set goals and you can decide on your own goals for that morning. After that, all participants have 2 x 40 minutes available for independent study (Zoom connection open, but the camera does not have to be kept on). There is a break between these 40 minute “pomodoros”, during which you can also ask questions from study psychologist or chat with others.

The language is English, but you can also participate in Finnish. Participating in the discussion is always voluntary, so you are very welcome join us, also, even if you do not want to share your own goal with others.

When: Every Thursday from 9:00 to 11:00, until 26.5.2022.

Where: In the zoom

In what situations could SPW going Co-Studying be the right place? If any of these apply to you, don’t hesitate to join us!

  • You should work independently on a thesis or a larger project (eg write, review sources, etc.)
  • You should do course assignments independently (eg essay, exercises, part of group work, etc.)
  • You have study-tasks that you constantly postpone because there is no “compulsion” to start right now
  • You need a little peer pressure to get started and you feel that there have been too few opportunities to study together with others these days
  • It is difficult for you to decide where to start and what would be a suitably sized piece of study for certain amount of time
  • You have a hard time getting your studies started in the morning
  • You are curious to know what kind of tips and thoughts you could get out from this that might benefit your own studying


9.00 (Thursday) Welcome - study psychologist's instructions to Pomodoro and goal setting; the opportunity to share your own study goal with others

9.15-9.55 First Pomodoro 40 min, independent study

9.55-10.05  Break, opportunity to share thoughts and ask for tips

10.05-10.45  Another Pomodoro 40 min, independent study

10.45-11.00 Summary: opportunity to share if your own goal was successful, and ask for tips from a study psychologist.

Theses & Tomatoes 

What: co-writing event 

When: Mondays at 10-11:30 from 17.1. onwards 

Where: Zoom (Meeting ID: 628 4275 6249, Passcode: 820375)

For whom: students completing their theses at Aalto University (Bachelor, Master, doctoral) 

Are you feeling stuck with your thesis? Or are you just finding it hard to get into a routine with working on your thesis? Maybe you are unsure of what the next step should be or how to get started on a new chapter? Do you feel lonely in your thesis work? Would you like to work in a shared space with others in the same situation? 

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place! Join a co-writing space, which will be organized every Monday at 10-11:30 in Zoom.  

The aim of this co-writing space is to provide opportunities for you to work independently on your thesis and on self-specified goals alongside others in the same situation, creating a shared experience. 

There is no enrolment needed, just join us and get your thesis moving. The seminar is intended for students at Aalto University completing their thesis work. 

We will start each Monday at 10 with a short 15-minute introduction to different topics (e.g., goal-setting, time-management, academic writing). Introductions are held by the host and invited guests who are specialized in the topics. You will get to set your own goal and share it with others, if you want. After that there will be two 30-minute Pomodoros, with a 10-minute break in between. During the break, you can ask questions or we can all do some break exercises together. 

The co-writing event is led by Aalto psychologist Henna Niiva ( The language of instruction is English but you are welcomed to ask questions also in Finnish. It’s totally voluntary to join in the discussion and share one’s goals – if you just want to come and work, that’s fine. 

Workshops and courses

Upcoming courses: Autumn 2022

Upcoming courses will be announced as soon as possible, latest on August.

Past courses: Spring 2022

Wellbeing for International Students -group  

Do you feel stressed, tired, lacking connections? Battling with culture shock? Or maybe you have high demands for yourself and find hard to relax?  

Come tackle these themes together! We want to hear you and connect you with others! Join the Wellbeing for International Students group and come share your feelings about culture shock, stress & tension, high self-demands, covid isolation and lack of connections.   

Wellbeing for International Students group is for international degree and doctoral students in Aalto. We will meet 5 times: 10.2., 24.2., 10.3., 24.3. and 7.4. at 13-15 o’clock. Meetings will be online (Zoom).   

Sign up by sending an email to Anna (latest on Feb 3rd):  

In your mail tell your name and if you have specific wishes for the group or themes to discuss. Please, commit yourself to join all five times when signing up.  

Leading the group are Aalto study psychologist Henna Niiva, Aalto chaplain Anna Poutiainen and Psychotherapist Paula Mäkelä from the Family Councelling Center.  

Give your brain a break! Learn effective recovery techniques 

  • Are you having trouble concentrating on demanding study assingments? 
  • Do you find yourself having headaches and feeling drained after a study day? 
  • Are you having sleep problems, for example waking up in the middle of the night thinking about studies? 
  • Are you more irritated or anxious than before? 

    If you answer yes to the questions above, you might have issues with recovery from studies. Remote studying challenges our recovery, and we therefore need to find new ways to recover effectively. Academic studying is highly dependent on creativity, concentration, and a flexible mind – all impacted by lack of recovery. However, recovery is not something that should be left to the holiday. It’s also not productive to spend all your free time sleeping or tired. We need active recovery as well. 

    Come join our workshop and learn what recovery actually is and how to make sure you recover properly also during a study day. The workshop consists of information about how to charge the batteries of your mind, individual reflection tasks about your own recovery, small group discussions on specific themes and a mindfulness exercise.  

    The workshop is held on Wednesday 9.3. at 14:00-16:00 via Zoom (the zoom-link will be sent to all enrolled participants a few days before the workshop). This workshop is aimed especially for bachelor and master-level students (and for exchange students).

    The workshop is held by the Aalto psychologists Henna Niiva ( and Alli Mattila ( 

    Enroll before 7.3. at 16 through this link: 

Surviving your career path

Wednesday, April 27 at 15:00-17:00, 2022.

Welcome to Surviving your career path, a Learning Cafe event where we will discuss experienced problems, as well as support and solutions related to the following themes:

Entrepreneurship and leadership as a career path

Business owners and company executives are often seen as masculine heroes. What if I don’t identify myself with masculinity, how do I find career paths that interest me and fulfil my passions as a business owner and/or an executive?

Representing a minority in my own field

How can I promote myself to be seen as an authority in my field rather than a representative of my own gender or other minority?


Inequality is seen in all stages of a career path. How to act when you are faced with discrimination or if you see someone else being treated unfairly? How to find work environment free of discrimination where everyone is treated with equity and where diversity is appreciated?

Power of collaboration!

How to ask for help without shame? How to help without patronizing?

The best practices of remote studying and remote working

Things that I liked and want to include in my studying and working in the future

We invite both students and alumni to this event. Everyone has experiences and many have tackled these issues in their own lives. We want to encourage discussion on these themes we all have experienced. We are not seeking for experts or representatives on these themes. We just want to provide a platform for discussion and an opportunity to learn from each other.

Come and hear alumni experiences on how they have managed to find jobs and success after graduation, what type of difficulties they have been able to overcome, what their thoughts are on work in general, especially in relation to climbing the career ladder and coping with everything life throws at you.

The goal of this event is to exchange ideas: what students think of their working life at the beginning of their careers and what solutions the alumni have seen working to survive their career path pitfalls.

The event is facilitated by Jaana Suviniitty and Seija Leppänen. It is held at Otakaari 1, U119 (DELOITTE lecture hall) on Wednesday, April 27 at 15:00-17:00, 2022.

Enroll here on Friday, April 22 at the latest: LINK

The workshop is organized as part of The Equal Career Paths for Women NOW! project

Autumn 2021 - past workshops and courses

Balanced life at University! -workshop

Come and join the Zoom workshop on Thursday, September 30 at 10:00-12:00.

In these special times we want to give you tools to help you survive life and studies.

The workshop is construed around discussions and the themes:

- The perspective of a meaningful and desirable future: what is it like for you? How do you pursue it?

- How to follow your values and cope in stressful situations

- How to find real allies in a diverse and inclusive community where everyone feels a sense of belonging and can fulfill their aspirations

The workshop consists of individual reflection and and small group discussions on specific themes.

Ensure your participation by Friday, September 24, by filling in the webropol form: Max 20 participants.


The workshop is led in English by University Lecturer Jaana Suviniitty and Psychologist Seija Leppänen.

The workshop is organized as part of The equal career paths (NOW!) project

Time management for (better) studying, autumn 2021

> Is it hard for you to create and maintain daily rhythm and routine while REMOTE STYDYING?

> Do you struggle getting study tasks done while studying alone at home?

> Is it hard to distinguish free time from the time spent studying?

> Does it feel like there isn’t enough time to do everything?

> Is your to do-list so long it seems almost impossible to manage to do everything?

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, we can help you! Aalto study psychologists organize group workshop about basics of time management (using Zoom and MyCourses).

Why? Time-management is one of the most important working life skills, and learning to manage your time is a relevant part of your university studies. When you can manage your time effectively, everyday life is smoother, stress levels are lower and you can find time for the things that are the most important in your life. In the current situations almost everything happens remotely and it creates some new challenges for time-management.

What and for whom? This group workshop is specifically aimed for bachelor and master level Aalto students (however, PhD-students are also welcome if the course isn’t already full when the enrolment closes). We will examine together time management as a part of self-leadership skills and practice creating a realistic schedule. In addition, we will practice ways to overcome the most common challenges in time-management. No study credits are earned. Language is English. 

When? The 4 meetings will all be held in Zoom on Fridays 12.11., 19.11. and 26.11. and 3.12 at 13:00-15:00. We hope that all the participants check the timetable before enrolling, because attendance for all sessions is crucial part of this group workshop!

Who are the teachers? Aalto’s study psychologists Sanni Saarimäki ( and Henna Niiva (

Enrolment via this webropol link:

(When enrolling, you will have to answer a few questions. This will take about 5 minutes.)

Enrolment closes on the 9th of November at 16:00.

The maximum amount of participants is 12.



Want to meet new people but don’t quite know how? 

Arrived in Finland just to sit home alone? 

We want to hear you and connect you with others! Join the Connection Group and come share your feelings about being in a new country but maybe not having the fun time you were dreaming about.  

Connection Group is for international students in Aalto. We will meet 4 times, starting on Thu Sept 23rd at 14. Other meetings are: 30.9., 7.10. and 14.10. at 14-15.30. Meetings will be first online and later (hopefully) live on Otaniemi campus.  

Sign up by sending an email to Anna (latest on Sept 17th):  

In your mail tell your name and if you have specific wishes for the group or themes to discuss. We will take 15 students. Please, commit yourself to join all four times when signing up. 

Leading the group are Aalto study psychologist Henna Niiva, Aalto chaplain Anna Poutiainen and Psychotherapist Paula Ruotsalainen from Family Councelling Center.

Climate change and emotions – Workshops for Aalto students

This group workshop is specifically aimed for Aalto students. We will focus on emotions and thoughts, concerning climate change and environmental crises, and how to live with that burden. Are there ways to maintain your own balance and resilience, and be mindful, whilst trying to cope with a constant stream of bad news and a feeling that so much more needs to be done? Together, we will create a safe place for sharing thoughts, connecting with others and finding our own ways face the emotions caused by the climate threat. The workshop consists of group discussions on specific themes as well as mindfulness-based practices.

However, during this workshop, we will not be teaching one another what would be the right way to live eco-friendly or argue what actions should be taken to solve climate change in general or individual level. This means you can join the workshop without fear of judgement, no matter what your personal views or actions concerning these issues are, as long as you remain nonjudgmental towards others participating as well.

The workshop is led by study psychologist Sanni Saarimäki and Aalto-chaplain Anu Morikawa. Language is English.

Next workshop: Tue 23.11.2021, 14:00-16:00 on Otaniemi campus.

Enroll here:

More information:

How to build a success-oriented attitude for your future

Welcome to this live workshop where we discuss how your attitude may influence your future working life and career development. We aim to give you tools related to various issues, such as how to handle diversity, inclusion and equality issues, as well as the impostor syndrome, how to be the best you can be, and to find a mindset that encourages growth and skill development.

Place: Otakaari 1, U262 KPMG

Time: November 25, 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. (15.00-16.30)

Register by November 22

Maximum participants: 25

Please note that since the workshop is organized on campus and the participation is limited, we expect you to notify us in case you are unable to attend.

Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop!

Jaana Suviniitty & Seija Leppänen

The workshop is organized as part of The equal career paths (NOW!) project 

Power of Self-Compassion in Stress-Management

At the heart of stress there can be the feeling that the demands of the situation exceed one’s own means and resources. That stress can be caused by both over- and under-alertness, but also by one's own feelings of inadequacy.

Welcome to join us to our exercises for a kinder, more accepting attitude towards life

You have come to the right place if:

  • Your thoughts about yourself are sometimes judgmental
  • You have feelings of inadequacy
  • You are otherwise just dissatisfied with your life or you have a hard time connecting with your feelings
  • You want to find out what self-compassion really means

Self-compassion is one of the most beneficial skills you can learn in life!

This course consists of mindfulness exercises that help us to nurture an accepting and empathetic relationship with ourselves. There is also a chance to connect and reflect your thoughts with other students, but also possibility to just self-reflect by journaling.

Mindfulness refers to a conscious acceptance of the present. It helps us to perceive the environment around us as well as our own thoughts, feelings and bodily senses just the way they are. These exercises help us to develop an accepting and friendly relationship with ourselves. However, mindfulness and self-compassion do not mean the same as “ just think positive”-attitude – so, during this course we will also form skills to live with the ambivalence and uncertainty of life.

For whom? This group workshop is specifically aimed for bachelor and master level Aalto students (however, PhD-students are also welcome if the course isn’t already full when the enrolment closes). Language is English. 

When? The 5 meetings will all be held in Zoom. Thursdays 4.11, 11.11, 18.11, 25.11 and 2.12.2021 at 14:00-16:00. We hope that all the participants check the timetable before enrolling, because attendance for all sessions is crucial part of this group workshop!

Who are the teachers? Aalto’s study psychologists Sanni Saarimäki ( and Merita Petäjä.

Enrolment via this webropol link:

(When enrolling, you will have to answer a few questions. This will take about 5 minutes.)

The maximum amount of participants is 40. 

The Best Thing Today - a psychology podcast

The Best Thing Today is a podcast series hosted by the psychologists at Aalto University Learning Services. In the podcast, the psychologists casually talk about wellbeing topics – ranging from student wellbeing to the wellbeing of employees.

The podcast discussions revolve around issues that are familiar in an academic environment, such as how to find motivation, how to manage time and stress, and how to recover. You’ll also get to hear how the psychologists take care of their own wellbeing.

Aalto University's psychology podcast in Finnish is called Paras hetki päivässä.

You can find the podcasts here.
In English:
In Finnish:

MyCourses-materials for self-study

Feeling stressed or anxious? The self-study material will help you to learn how to

  • be here and now
  • observe our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations more clearly
  • be more self-compassionate
  • reduce stress

When  facing difficulties we many times try not to notice them. Handling stress becomes easier when we approach difficulties rather avoiding them and learn to recognize when we start to feel stressed or worried. With practice it is possible to become less reactive and more free with our responses to the stressful situation.

Mindfulness is a state of open attention on the present. It’s living here and now. Mindfulness involves nonjudgmental conscious awareness of one’s feelings, thoughts and surroundings. Our mind often wanders to the past or to the future. Mindfulness skills will help you to focus on the present moment.

You'll find the material in MyCourses

Career Planning Exercises


This self-help material is designed to help you to process the key elements of career planning individually. 


The sequence of exercises is numbered. You can do them in the same order or you can choose only the ones that appeal to you most and seem to help you. Having completed an exercise, reflect the results. What do the results of that reflection add to your self-awareness, your current thinking and goals of a good future as an individual and as a member of a society? How can you use the results? What will you do next?

How to get started

  1. Log in to MyCourses with your Aalto user account
  2. Enroll for the workspace by following these instructions.

Time to Get Cracking – 3 week Self-study material on time management for students

Time management and learning to use a calendar sound boring and tedious and are often seen as being in the same category as managing your personal finances. Why spend time learning something like that? Do these sound familiar to you: ‘I know how to plan, but the problem is putting the plans into action!’ ‘I do make plans, but I just don’t have enough time to do all I should!’ This self-study material focusses on these two common issues: having too much to do and having trouble getting things done.

Time management is not just about taking care of responsibilities. It helps you see what you really spend your time on and why. The underlying question is a fundamental one, maybe the most important question for us as human beings: how do you spend your limited time on this Earth? Your calendar says a great deal about what you actually spend your time on. Does your calendar reflect your values and the things you hold dear? Does it take you towards something meaningful? If not, what do you think should change?

This self-study material offers you opportunities to:

- look at your time use as a self-management skill

- learn to make schedules and stay on them

- learn new skills and review what you already know.

Going through this self-study material and doing the related tasks will take you about 3–5 hours. To make the most of it, you should spread the tasks over several days. Reading on time management without taking any action is the same as reading a healthy eating guidebook without changing your diet at all or talking to a personal trainer on a regular basis without ever going to the gym to try out the programme. Please take time to also do the exercises included in this material.

Self-study material can be found here:

Materials for Stress-management

Self-study material can be found here:

Do you delay and postpone completing some tasks? Do you feel you might procrastinate? Don’t worry! You probably are quite a normal university student: almost all university students procrastinate at times. However, if procrastination bothers and you would like to learn more about getting things done, hop onboard to learning through these online materials!

Self-study material can be found here: