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In the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, student housing is offered by, e.g. the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region, HOAS, and the Aalto University Student Union AYY. Since HOAS and AYY cannot offer housing to all students in the area, it is advisable to use all available resources for your search, including the private housing market. For additional information, see the AYY website.

Additional housing information

The housing situation in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (cities of Helsinki, Espoo Vantaa and Kauniainen) is challenging. Rent prices are high (starting from approx. 650€ for a small studio apartment in Helsinki and 500€ in Espoo) and there is a lack of small rental apartments and student housing within the area. Therefore finding suitable accommodation can be difficult especially in the beginning of the autumn term (August/September).

Although AYY and HOAS have thousands of apartments, they cannot accommodate all the students. Prepare yourself to seek for accommodation from the private rental market as well.

Your possibilities to find an apartment improve if you are willing to live outside the centre and campus areas. It is easy to travel around the cities of Espoo and Helsinki: the public transportation works well! 

Key points

  • Apply early and reserve time for finding the apartment!
  • Apply simultaneously through various channels! (AYY/HOAS/ private rentals)
  • It is good to reserve approx. 400€- 600€ for accommodation/month (should be enough for a room in a shared apartment).
  • If/when you are offered an accommodation, accept the offer, even if the location or the quality of housing does not match all your requirements! Remember also to cancel all the other possible applications when you have found your accommodation.
  • Watch out for rental scams! Although it is usually safe to rent an accommodation from private landlords in Finland, it is good to keep in mind the possibility of a hoax.  If the apartment sounds too good to be true (cheap and central/good location) it unfortunately can be a hoax. Do not send any money/ credit card info etc. before you have seen the place and met the landlord and/or signed the contract. (This rule does not apply of course with trustworthy organizations such as AYY or HOAS).
  • Make sure that you have a roof over your head when you arrive in Finland, even if it is a hostel room. Note that hostels/hotels tend to get fully booked in August/early September, so book your room early enough. (e.g.

No flat before arriving in Finland?

If you do not have an apartment before arriving in Finland, be sure to make a reservation for a hostel early enough!

Forenom House Helsinki located at district of Herttoniemi/Helsinki (Street address Hitsaajankatu 12) provides rather affordable rooms. E.g room for 2 persons is approx 50€/night (25€ per person) when booking the room for 1 week.

Vuokrahuone offers rooms and special dorm type alcoves. Located at district of Vallila, Helsinki.

Housing information for exchange students

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