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If you need individual study arrangements for your studies, proceed as follows:

  1. Contact the learning services staff for your own programme and arrange a meeting.
  2. Bring to the meeting a certificate of your condition signed by a doctor, psychologist or other expert.
  3. The meeting will consider the arrangements you need.
  4. You will receive a statement about the arrangements.
  5. You may show the statement to your teachers and examination organisers to make the accommodations for your situation.

Should problems arise, contact the person who provided the statement.

What are individual study arrangements?

A student may apply to receive personal study arrangements for special reasons. The grounds may be a seeing, hearing or other sensory impairment, a panic disorder or Asperger syndrome. More information is available on the Diverse learners site.

Special arrangements in examinations may include allowing extra time (usually +1h), the use of a computer, the exam to be taken in a private space, exam questions printed in a large font, etc. Arrangements to meet your special needs should be arranged at the beginning of the course. Special arrangements for make-up examinations, for example, should be made during the registration period for the course.


Accessibility means that Aalto is a safe, healthy and barrier-free university where research, teaching and services are accessible to all. Matters relating to accessibility and the elimination of barriers at the university have been collected together on this page.

Barrier-free exchange programmes

Students going on an exchange programme may need my need barrier-free services due to a disability, illness or e.g. learning impairment. The purpose of the individual arrangements is to help outgoing exchange students manage with everyday tasks related to e.g. housing, mobility, leisure-time activities, health and well-being. The need as well as the kind of support needed vary according to the individual, as well as the solutions decided upon.

Forms of support offered by various providers