There are many reasons to learn some Finnish while you study in Finland. It can help you get settled in to your new country and everyday tasks, such as going to the grocery store, will become easier. It will also help you to understand the Finns better. And if you intend to stay in Finland after your studies, knowing one of the local languages will definitely help you in your job search.

Aalto University has a Language Centre which is a university-level service unit offering education and services in languages and communication. Language Centre is responsible for providing education in languages, academic writing and communication for both students and staff.

Those students who are interested in studying Finnish can participate in the language courses (Finnish as a second language and as a foreign language) offered by the Language Centre. There is a variety of courses and students can choose one that suits them best. Basic Finnish courses are very popular and we strongly recommend that you sign up early.

In addition to Aalto’s Language Centre, you can also study Finnish at Aalto University Open University or University of Helsinki Language Centre. Please note that there is a course fee for these courses.

In the summer, you can take inexpensive language courses in Helsinki Summer University. Helsinki Institute of Adult education and other Adult Education Institutes of the capital region also offer language courses.

Also remember that learning Finnish does not occur only inside the walls of the classroom, self-study is a way to learn at your own pace, for which many user-friendly options are available on the internet.