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Aalto University operates on the campuses of Otaniemi and Mikkeli. This page applies to the Otaniemi campus.

See Instructions on campus use for students (Coronavirus - information for students)

Access control on Otaniemi campus

Access rights, access tokens and key control on Otaniemi campus (

Where can I study?

All campus buildings can be used by students during opening hours. In general, if a space looks free and does not have a previous booking, it can be used. Students can also book rooms themselves for independent study by using the Aalto Space app.

The Learning Centre and the learning hubs ( offer library and information services to support studying, as well as various kinds of meeting and learning spaces.

Some special facilities, such as laboratories, workshop rooms and spaces with special security requirements, may have access restrictions. More information is available from staff.

Where can I find more information about campus services and study spaces?

 Spaces that are open 24/7 for all students
  • The Student Hub is in the middle of the Undergraduate Centre (Otakaari 1). You can visit it outside of regular opening hours by using a HSL travel card activated as an Aalto access card. Use the K door to access the Student Hub outside of regular opening hours.
  • IT and study spaces at Maari House (Maarintalo). Free building access, with a building guard who makes regular rounds for checking student cards.
  • Väre study spaces are available by activating your HSL travel card as an Aalto access card (access to some spaces is restricted).
  • School of Business shared spaces are available with an activated HSL card.
  • Konetekniikka 1 (Mechanical Engineering), Otakaari 1 (no 8 on map) available with an activated HSL card.
  • The Learning Centre: Floors 1 and K are available 07.00 to 24.00 with an activated HSL card.

Access control with HSL card

 More building details by facility and school

The following school and facility spaces are accessible by using a HSL travel card activated as an Aalto access card.

The map references below refer to the Otaniemi campus map Aalto University campus map.


  • Undergraduate Centre, Otakaari 1, A wing. Entrances: U1 door, X door, V door.
  • Undergraduate Centre, Otakaari 1, K wing (near H wing), space for student organisations
  • Architecture Workshop (Paja), Metallimiehenkuja 4 (no. 27 on map).

Automation and Systems Technology

  • Maarintie 8 (TUAS, no. 37 on map), Room 1522. Entrance only from the P6 parking lot.

Design Factory

  • The Design Factory, Betonimiehenkuja 5 (no. 25 on map) is accessible by borrowing a keycard (kulkuavain) from the Learning Centre. Access rights are always required to borrow the building key. The deadline for returning the key is set according to the access rights and may not be renewed without obtaining new access rights.

Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems

  • Aalto Bioproduct Centre (Puu), Vuorimiehentie 1 (no. 13 on map).

Department of Film, Television and Scenography (ELO)

  • Aalto Studios, Otakaari 7 (no. 29 on map). Please use the B door only.

School of Electrical Engineering

  • Maarintie 8 (TUAS), (no. 37 on map). Room for the Guild of Electrical Engineering (SIK)

Information technology

  • Computer Science building, Room C106 (Panic), Konemiehentie 2, (no. 30 on map). At the closing time, all occupants must leave the building. Those with keys may return, if they wish. The key is to be used again when leaving, except in emergency situations.

Industrial Engineering and Management

  • Maarintie 8 (TUAS), Room 1176 (computer classroom, no. 37 on map). Entry only via the B door (accessibility entrance).
  • Maarintie 8 (TUAS), Industrial Engineering and Management club room (Tuta-klubi, no. 37 on map). Entry only via the B door (accessibility entrance).

 Where can I eat? What other services are there on campus?